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@justnotbothered wrote:

Afaik, majority rules on the council, but the city manager (who has been quite coy all through this) will probably try and streamroll it through.

He was the guy who felt building on Cleeves Bank/Westfields was a top notch idea too, luckily, the councillors pulled him on it before he could sell it. I’m sure he’s waiting for another chance to work some “development” there too.

We need a manager who realises the city is more than just facing the river. All well and good focusing on the river, but areas like Parnell st and Roches st. are straight out of a neon Angela’s ashes. He should focus a little more on the entire city.

Maybe I was just being over-cynical in creating a hypothetical situation where lets say a councillor abstained in the vote, creating a stalemate. I thought I read somewhere before that the City manager (who attends all council meetings) would have the casting vote should it be required. With potentially only 1 vote in it at the moment, it could still go either way. Hopefully common sense will prevail though, there is no way this proposal can go ahead in its current form. I personally see this as a draft proposal that should stimulate a proper debate on the future of this site rather than a final solution. There is plenty of time to consider all the potential options and thats what should happen. With the remodeling works on the quayside between Shannon Bridge and Sarsfield Bridge getting underway in the autumn, the potential exists to create a really pleasant riverside space.

I like the idea of moving and rebuilding these structures on a different site. They might be no longer suitable for what has become a high profile location but they needent be lost for ever at the same time. The fact that they are such modest buildings aswell means that re-locating them shouldnt provide too much of a challenge.

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