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@vkid wrote:

Probably going to get slated here but its my opinion.

While protected, those structures just look like old sheds to me. NOthing particularly beautiful about either structure on that side of the bridge. The Boat house itself is a nice building externally but the two red brick structures are pretty poor imo. As far as I can see neither really interact with the river/bridge or city in any way. They are hidden when driving across the bridge, they look like crap from the city side and you would barely notice them from the Shannon bridge. Internally there is also very little to retain or restore.

I also can’t see any worthwhile uses for them as they stand that would really bring any real benefit to the city. One was used as a music venue for some time and while it served a purpose for a small few, it was not the right place for a music venue of that nature. Internally you would never, ever think you were in a protected structure. It was like a dingy GAA club. If there are any original features in there they are well hidden.

Overall I really dont think they add anything amazing to the city or river in their current form. While I would like to see some devlopment on the site I think it needs to be sympathetic to the boat house itself, i’m not too worried about the two red brick structures…If the right building was proposed for the site, and I think someone with vision could propose something a bit better than what is currently on the table, I would have no objection to these being demolished OR in fact, moving them and reconstructing them somewhere they may be of more value to the city. Buildings this size have been moved and reconstructed many times,,,,why not this?

I’m all for preservation/conservation but not for the sake of it and I think this is a building that really doesnt merit so much attention. There is much more interesting buildings in the city that deserve more attention than this is getting..

Just my opinion though

But what do think of what’s proposed?

Of course, if the boatclub moved, the actual boat shed itself would make a pretty nifty venue imo. It’d be great for intimate gigs. The smaller club house could remain as a bar or coffee house or anything. Plenty of places for outdoor seating for example.

To me, the talk of the boatclub going to wall is premature to say the least.

I would love to have seen the Boatclub re-engage with the city in a meaningful way, how, by moving to the soon to be regenerated Island field. I know it’s a little off the wall, but it makes sense. They have no members or facilities, the regeneration could provide then with facilities on the river as part of it’s remit. The number of apartments and houses proposed should utterly alter this area into something akin to Smithfield, namely, a healthy mix of middle class, students and council housing.

The Boatclub could be central to new sporting facilities built for the Island field. Imagine a Grove Island type development, only based around a rowing club, not a rugby club. I think with proper management, the locals would gain an established club, the club would gain a new area to attract members, the Government could pick up the tab for the development. All the reports I’ve read on the regeneration stress providing sporting facilities in these areas.

I’m not pretending it’s the ideal solution, but it’s better than what’s currently being proposed.

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