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This is a bit of fantasy I guess but ideally, I’d love to see the whole of Rutland and Patrick Streets restored sensitively with small boutique street facing units. I’d like two new intersecting pedestrian streets permeating the block – these would be lined with fronts to ultra-modern larger unit as are required by many retailers these days. Some underground parking should be provided of course but by facing and integrating into the grain of the city, such a development would provide synergy with all the surrounding streets promoting redevelopment all around.

I couldnt agree more. When the rumours of a “huge redevelopment” of the yard behind Patrick/Rutland Street began circulating about 3 years ago, I had visions of a new pedestrian thoroghfare extending from Bank Place to Ellen Street lined with shops, restaurants etc. What was I thinking though, that was way too ambitious, this is Ireland after all, we do everything arseways here!:( The announcement of an uninspiring, introverted shopping mall came as little surprise.

What really gets me though is how much of a pushover Limerick City Council can be when it comes to dealing with developers. We’ve seen far too many developer led projects in the recent past, with inevitable consequences. For the last number of years, the City council has been implementing a programme of pedestrianisation for city centre streets. Their city centre strategy also stresses the importance of “live frontages” in attracting more footfall into the city centre. As jimg said, we’ve already seen the benefits of this type of approach on Bedford Row/Thomas Street. The development plan for the Aurthurs Quay area also proposes the replacement of the abject failure that is Arthurs Quay sc (the opera centre of 1988) with a series of interconnecting pedestrian streets and public spaces. Why then are they accepting such a flawed and discredited formula in the shape of the opera centre?

The pedestrianised shopping area would, on the whole provide a much more balanced development. Important aspects of the citys georgian heritage would be retained while modern units would also be provided for retail. 1980s developments such as bruce house and the aib bank could still be replaced as is currently proposed. The aerial image shows there is ample space for such a development. Entrances could be formed at Bank Place, Michael Street, the laneway between Rutland & Patrick Street and potentially through the concealed archway on Ellen Street.

Attached: Opera centre site & Arthurs Quay masterplan.

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