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@jimg wrote:

See my post on the previous page, earlier in the thread; I think it is number 1898.

Sorry this is nonsense. I imagine everyone posting to this thread wants to see Limerick progress and improve. To accuse everyone who disagrees with your ideas as being against progress is insulting. I am all for modern development of Limerick and I love modern architecture and buildings; much of what has been built recently in Limerick has been very positive. I just don’t think the wholescale demolition of a long Georgian terrace to be replaced by a cheap shopping centre which is already out of date is a good idea..

This where I bolded your statement. You do not think there is progress with the Opera centre?. The Opera centre is not a cheap shopping centre. In fact the Developers have raised the price tag too 350 million. The new application looks even better than the previous one. Especially with the new frontage onto Patricks street. The pics look better than the previous ones, but that’s just my opinion. Even all the Georgion intact at that side where mall fronts Patricks street.
Now lets get a bit real here, with some facts. I’m not insulting anyone, you just seem to come across to me that the opera centre is all negative. The “cheap” quote is just one of many fals negative quotes by your own words and is a blatant lie. It’s not my fault I spot the errors in your judgments. Your comparisons are not accurate. And of course don’t take this personal. Your entitled to your opinions!

You don’t seem to want to mention the fact the The Opera centre is retaining a lot of the georgion buildings too. Some has to go in order for progress. That’s life. But it would be fair to see what actual progress that will be done on seen plans, and to what extent of the historic parts are restored most importantly.. Which we all should see before anything is final and start to judge everything. You cannot expect every old building on that site to be saved when we are talking about redevelopment of this scale and is really badly needed right now. A few georgions buldings going for the sake 350million investment, is by far a better deal, when taking into consideration, from what we have been told Georgion buildings are to be retained in most areas. One way or another this part of town needs rejuivenation.

What are your views on it, what will you settle for this project to go ahead, and be real here. You cannot expect every old building to be saved. This project is a compromise not a cheap mall…

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