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@dave123 wrote:

Can anyone post some images of the Georgion buildings that are located on the Opera site? I think we are talking very extreme here.

See my post on the previous page, earlier in the thread; I think it is number 1898.

@dave123 wrote:

I’m all up for retaining Limerick’s historic core. But progess is also required if a city is moving into the 21st century. Jimg if I was to have that attitude with everything. Then there is not point in building anything modern in this city, absaloutley nothing. You either want progress or you don’t

Sorry this is nonsense. I imagine everyone posting to this thread wants to see Limerick progress and improve. To accuse everyone who disagrees with your ideas as being against progress is insulting. I am all for modern development of Limerick and I love modern architecture and buildings; much of what has been built recently in Limerick has been very positive. I just don’t think the wholescale demolition of a long Georgian terrace to be replaced by a cheap shopping centre which is already out of date is a good idea. I’ve already expressed the reasons why I’m not impressed by this development (see the my earlier post with the screen grabs); I’d hope for better for Limerick.

In fact I would argue that your attitude is one which is holding Limerick back and will end up confining it to being a second rate city. The best and most popular cities in Ireland and the world have preserved their historic buildings. Believe it or not, a shopping centre and a M&S will not get Limerick into the guide books or improve its reputation. Preserving and restoring as much of what is the 2nd greatest collection of Georgian buildings in Ireland would do something. This isn’t a contentious or hard to comprehend point. I recently talked to an English visitor to Limerick and what impressed them was the Georgian architecture; they couldn’t believe it actually as they had never heard about this aspect of Limerick. They may even spread the word. I can’t think of any visitors to the city recommending the place because it has a great Tesco’s or M&S.

@dave123 wrote:

The down side some of the derelict buildings have to go.

The buildings are not derelict. Repeatedly claiming that they are don’t make it so.

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