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I’d estimate that maybe 5% of the built up area of Limerick consists of coherent Georgian streetscape. Blaming the stagnation of the city on their continued existence is absolute nonsense, sorry. Fairy’s point was obvious; these buildings restored would demonstrate pride in the city, its history and its future. Visit any great city in the world both large and small and the common factor is pride and preservation of their unique historic stock. You seem to aspire to turning Limerick into the typical British provincial small city (Swansea is an example I’ve recently spent time in – contrast with Bath, for example, which has preserved it’s Georgian heritage).

Very little or none of the listed streets are derelict by any definition of the word. Of course buildings which have purchased in order to land bank a large development plot and have their tennents removed and are are left unoccupied are going to look neglected. Is Sarsfield St. ten times better after the development that took place there? (See the “Old Illustrations of Limerick” thread for pictures of what was there before).

Can anyone post some images of the Georgion buildings that are located on the Opera site? I think we are talking very extreme here. I’m all up for retaining Limerick’s historic core. But progess is also required if a city is moving into the 21st century. Jimg if I was to have that attitude with everything. Then there is not point in building anything modern in this city, absaloutley nothing. You either want progress or you don’t

Some actual positves to the Opera

  1. it will rejuivenate the local economy, CBD and the retail sector
  2. it will raise the city’s land values especially (around the Irishtown region)
  3. it will bring more investment and jobs into the city
  4. it will still retain some of the Georgion buildings and older buildings
  5. it will create more car spaces, and free up the cities streets.
  6. it will reverse the suburban retail domination
  7. it will reduce commericial rates, and this will attract more retail into the city
  8. it will increase land values throughout the city, hopefully raise above the suburban rents
  9. it will finally have a city centre enclosed mall, which it lacks in comparison to any city in Ireland
  10. it will create more revenue and people into the city to shop

The down side some of the derelict buildings have to go. That is a part of life when you rejuivenate an area. You can even apply this logic to your house, your bedroom, your furniture. This project is not about getting rid of the old. This project is giving this city what it actually needs right now. this project is worth 350million. You are talking of 350 million Euro investment.

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