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@Fairy wrote:

Know what I think? I think the buildings in Patrick St, Ruthland St, Ellen St, May Robert ect should be left standing in their present situ, they should be ‘held up’ as a perfect example of what is acceptable by Limerick City Council. We could do a ‘kinda’ Frank McCourt tour of Limerick, highlighting our disgrace.

Council and owners of these magnificent buildings (in particular , the Georg buildings on Ruthland St, Patrick St and Ellen St. should not be be given one red cent for these properties and City Council should be made liable for their upkeep [align=left:3g4rfc2j]forever!![/align:3g4rfc2j]These wonderful buildings should never, never have been allowed to fall into such disrepair. Where has civic pride been for the last 20/30 years!! I suppose in the pockets of greedy non-civic minded owners. Shame on them all and shame on City Council for their indifference to the fate of these buildings, which no doubt are now fated to get the knocking bowl!!


So what’s your point.. Let this city remain in stagnation while the suburbs spread left right and centre. on one hand your right, it is sad that the existing Georgion and other old buildings in the city are gone to complete dereliction, more noticeably around the Michael and Ellen street axis where the Opera site is situated. But life has to go on.Rejuivenation is needed now. Something has to be done with this area to give it new lease of life. Some of the dereliction has to go regardless of any outcome. They are however retaining some of the Georgion as part of the new shopping precient. pity there is not enough of the old been restored though. But the dereliction is ten time worse than any imaginable development that will take its place. Hopefully we will see some more actual plans as to what extent of the Opera development is taking into consideration of the old and historic buildings into it. But I’m nearly positive that the developers are sensitive with this site, and are putting efforts into this project. It’s worth a lot of money. It could be one of the most successful Shopping centres in the country if it’s done right! The first time, may I add.

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