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@CologneMike wrote:

Tuborg, curious to see how it will fit in with the Roches hanging gardens redevelopment next door? Any images about?

Five floors is probably excessive here considering the proximity of the proposed structure to the hanging gardens. In all the times I’ve passed this area I never took any notice of the corner structure whatsoever, it was always the hanging gardens that stole my attention. However a bland, utilitarian office block here would detract severely from the hanging gardens which afterall stands at just a modest 2 storeys. Perhaps if the proposed structure tapered down to a reduced height adjacent to the hanging gardens it might work, althought the developers are likely to want to squeeze in as much floorspace as possible on the site.

The problem here is that the precedent for 5/6 storey buildings already exists in this area, have a look at the glass box tacked onto the georgian building beside the proposed development site. I said I’d give Virtual Earth another rattle to get a better look at the site and it does seem that an interconnecting building to the rear of the mercantile building is being demolished along with a significant portion of the smaller adjacent building to make way for the monster office block.

Unfortunately no images exist yet, the architects dont even seem to have a website:eek: while the city council still havent set up their new e-plan enquiry system which would allow us to see the drawings!

@dave123 wrote:

In fact the road facing bulding and the 5 story element could be mistaken to be two completly different buildings if the brick shading was different colour.

But they are 2 completely different buildings dave, the large new build is to house primarily office accomodation with possible retail facing post office lane while the mercantile (red brick) building is being converted into a bar/restaurant.

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