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I hope really they have good traffic managment with the extra parking and the fact the the actual shopping centre will now attract even more traffic.. Now that the city pedstrianisation and Oribital route begin to bear fruit. I Hope the private developers are paying attention to this and work with the new layouts.
The devlopers and City Councilors should be working together on this matter! Anyway If they get’s this right then I’m really happy on that aspect, of planning.

BTW, The Circular road any update on it?
Is the tunnel (orbital route) still going under when the Arthur’s quay blcoked is getting knocked.
Anyone know any actual links to this? Thanks/

Anyway back on the Opera Centre
It should go ahead and get planning permission IMO. On the basis that many of the old is been restored and that the shopping centre fits into this historic part of the city. It would look ten time’s worse if we have a 10 times bigger repeat of the Arthur’s quay shite. But one the other hand Limerick city centre needs a proper shopping mall, which it is really lacking atm It needs to be the core of Limerick’s commericial zone. Limerick is unique in that, the suburban shopping centres are the actual cores of the city at the moment. That needs to be changed in order for the city centre to compete, attract retailers back into the centre and give reason to make business as usual.
The developers do seem to want to make efforts in trying to incoporate the old with the new, in fairness. Or is this misleading?:(

I can’t rarely see any negatives to it at all from my obsevation and what I’ve look at. The positives does seem to outweight the negatives to me.
Most of the Georgion around the Irishtown area is in fact very derelict. And you cannot expect all of the derelict Georgion to be restored to its once former glory. Life now goes on and the old cannot all stay, cities need progress and this is progress for the city. I’m not one of these guys who want to knock and destroy our heritage.If it was the case, where the argument suggest that “all” or “most” of the Georgian should be retained, then whats the point of building anything in the city centre that is not georgian
Some of the old buildings have rotted to the point of no option but only to knock, and rightly so. I hope there is a reasonable chunk of the georgion quarter and kept into the S.C.

The Opera plan is being unfairly judged in comparison to other the ugly shopping complexes built in other cities in Ireland and even in Limerick.. There are Malls built in the other regional centres where in the old quarters have being replace with an American style mall full of blandness etc. This is not bland or cheap or souless IMO from the pictures above. Are there anymore pictures/models to show? It would be better for all of us to judge it,and really see if its flawed or otherwise. It would be respectful at least for the people of Limerick to actually see what is been built in their city if planning persmission gets the thumbs up anyway.

On a side not to bear in mind, I hope that the new buildings will blend and restore what’s nessecary and
apropriate to the historic context of the area too.
I just hope the new architecture will look well shaped and blending the old with the new.
As CologneMike said in his previous post, Arthurs Quay is not really a mall, its only a multi storey with a few retail units and Tesco ground florr supermarket.

My vision, of the Opera centre, will be, that this Development will bring life back into the city centre. It will boost the economy not just for the city but the entire midwest. It will attract people from Cork and Galway, like Crescent is doing atm.
Attractivness and vitality wil open up all over the city centre. The core feel of a the city will be brought back to life. and thats how a city should feel. The city is well known for not having a city centre core feeling, like Galway or Cork has.

footfall will rise, the city centre can finally attract nationally not just from the the shoppers locally that
currently flock to the suburban regional centres etc. The Crescent is currently the cities top destination in Limerick for shopping. City centre needs this core back.
The core is the key point when it comes to the design of the Opera centre to me.
it will open up the English and Irishtown centre’s with the Georgion and city centre proper. It’s unique in that it borders all four regions of the CIty.
and will be the “actual” heart of the city centre:) Which it is in fact. it will just bring all parts of the city closer together. The land values of the Irishtown and old English town, will rise, and investment and regeneration will start there too. Just like the pedstrianisation and recent developments on Henry street have done.

Another side to it, for me is the shopping centre will have an uniquness (or I hope) it will stand out as it’s meant too.
it own architectural merit. It borders the Irishtown, Edwardian, Georgion, Victorian, and of course some of todays
Modern buildings that fill the present. so it should have the arcitecture of its own, and some of the above to give the “coreness” or central of the city. Does anyone know what I’m saying, Not sure If I’m getting my point accross directly?

Well I just think
It’s important that the Opera Centre can itself takes features out of all of Limericks fine arichitectural history, into the new “design” the core of the city.

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