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This article appeared in one of the mid week editions of the Limerick Leader, it sure didn’t take long for the knives to come out for this one! Looks like they’ve been checking us out here on archiseek aswell!:D

Well Dan, are you going to seek a meeting with some of these councilors you refer to?

An Taisce to object to €20m development of Limerick Boatclub

Anne Sheridan

The heritage body An Taisce have said they intend to lodge an objection against the proposed €20m development on Sarsfield bridge which would see the Boatclub demolished in favour of a new modern building which would facilitate the rowing club.

Local An Taisce spokesperson Dan Sullivan said they will also be urging people to lobby their city councilors to ensure the Boatclub, which is a protected structure is not de-listed and they do not change the zoning of the site from open space to mixed use development.

“I would challenge each councilor in turn that might seek to renege on their previous position to explain what exactly has changed. It is sad that what was proving to be a thriving alternative music venue was shut down so the Boatclub building could be allowed lie vacant in order to justify this application,” said Mr. O’Sullivan.

He said he agrees that “the boat sheds aren’t exactly architecturally inspiring” but believes that the building should be retained.

The public have also been voicing their views on the proposed development on architectural websites and the local Limerick Blogger site since the Limerick leader exclusively revealed the full plans proposed by Fordmount developments last week.

Some bloggers described the plans as “a bloody disgrace” while others said they were “bold, ambitious and certainly a break from the norm.” one blogger on the architectural website, said “ I can see both sides of the argument – the developers want to create something modern and striking, while others want to see the past preserved.” Others said while they liked the designs drawn up by the Belfast based architects McCann Moore, they believed they may not be suitable for that location and instead should be located in another area of the city, such as the docklands.

Concerns regarding traffic flow during construction, if the development is given the go-ahead by the city planners on June 26th, was also expressed as a concern by a number of people.

Developer Michael Daly of Fordmount Developments has said he will simply “walk away from the plans” if the public are unhappy with the designs. “I really hope people will look at these plans and say “that’s fantastic.”

“That’s the reaction I want to get. If they don’t want it, we’ll forget about it. Its now a question of whether the city wants this building or not,” said Mr Daly.

To date, labour Councillor Joe Leddin, Fine Gael Cllrs Jim Long and Kevin Kiely have given the development the thumbs up.

Limerick Boatclub, who would be re-housed in the new four-storey development believe it is a “ win-win situation” for the rowing club. Independent Cllr Kathleen Leddin said she believes the current boatclub – which is a protected structure – should be upgraded rather than demolished.

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