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Sounds like a fairly scary scenario. As a student exiled to Dublin for the last few years – have to say I didnt realise that the negative side-effects of poor planning in the city centre would come about so fast, although it’s easy to see how. The fact is, that the health board etc. has to apply to the city council for planning permission for any of these facilities, be they new buildings or renovations etc. Unfortunately wet hostels etc are only one symptom of a much broader problem that exists in Limerick and elsewhere -that of ghettos. The whole city has, since Georgian times become compartmentalised into vast zones of single use – zones for students, industry, shopping, poor people, rich people, hospitals etc, all facilitated by the policies or lack of them of our government and its agents in city hall. This sort of planning policy flies in the face of all that is required to bring about the conditions for a sustainable city environment – diversity.

However on the up side, just as it only takes a few people to destroy a neighbourhood, so too a small number of people can start the process of reviving depressed areas. Had the oppoprtuntiy of living in Brooklyn a few years ago – ended up in what can only be described as a bit of a dodgy neighbourhood – our house was a recently converted mafia social club, nuclear waste was being stored less than a mile away and was offered drugs six times on the two block walk home from the subway station, the day i moved in. In the two years I stayed there – the transformation was staggering. Seems some civic minded locals decided to form a residents committee to pressure the borough council, the police, schools board,developers etc into providing better services and facilities in the area. Local parks were improved, the streets kept clean, zero tolerane policing enforced and as far as i know property taxes and rates were changed so that ,rather than all the users in one area paying the same rate – each property was assesed on its own merits so that a diverse gruop of people and businesses could afford to exist in the same area. The situation is now such, that i’d highly reccommend any visitor to New York to hop on the L train and take a trip to Williamsburg.

As for how that situation relates to Limerick – look at the People’s park since the playground was installed a couple of years ago, there seems to always be people around it, and i certainly don’t perceive it as the no go area it once was. On a broader level, I think there are plenty of people who share the the same concerns as expreesed on this forum. If enough people can organise themselves and make their concerns known to politicians,( who will be relying on your vote to hold onto their well paid jobs in a year or two) as well as presenting their own ideas and solutions to the problems facing us – it wouldnt take long for a more desirable vision of Limerick to emerge. Will have to end it for now – but i’m sure ther’ll be plenty more to follow.

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