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@Dan Sullivan wrote:

Have an idea this evening with all the work being done around the general dublin road parkway area and the number of right turns that are being required on what is the main road into the city if we should make a big leap and make the entire island area of what was Dillons garage and so on down to the new Hotel a one way area. the southern area by the retail park would be the western corridor and the old Dublin road the eastern corridor. You could still allow for turning right at the current parkway roundabout coming from the city on Childers.

You know the irony of this mess!

There is two of them RIGHT beside each other.

Limerick city slot – Parkway SC/ Retail, Childer’s SC, Dillions, aldi and smaller shops
Limerick county slot – Parkway valley SC, castletroy lodges, singland dev, Olympic sized ice rink

No Infastructure in place at all.. Kids are running this city I’m telling you:mad::mad:…
Dan your idea is great, but in my opinion the traffic is still going to be a disaster.

Just look at irregularity and scale of development thats taking place adjacent to both routes..
There is to many private acceses on the old road, which will mean major upgrading. There are two many lights on the new road now. We are talking at least another 2 sets of lights that they will add, one for the Parkway RO, and the Parkway valley two entrances possibly. Not the proper salution IMO Look at the amount of traffic lights haven been installed since these developments have gone in. Look what the council have done to Childer’s road, they have actually created traffic gridlock here.

Then we here, yet a another huge retail planning application galore for *Dillions garage* which will be in the middle of the island idea you proposed, how will that fit in to the one way plan?? How are pedestrian meant to get around this concrete garbage..

Here is wat needs to be done.
1. site on the existing Parkway S.C dedicated for allowing P+R traffic to use train into city centre.
2. Childers road Dualled from Roxboro to Parkway
3. Slips going under the roundabout to allow free movement from childers to Dublin road.
4. Pedestrian movement put undergrownd or overhead walkways (this was brushed under the rug)
5. Bus lanes added along the Childer’s and Dublin road to Uni.
6. Clare street junctioned needs o be widened at the new corbally link road entrance onto parkway RO.
7. Maybe a one way system could be put in..

This is not wishful thinking, this is pre urgent thinking….. The current upgrade of replacing the roundabout with traffic lights is laughable, considering we now have another mega complex given the the thumbs up recently, the olympic sized ice rink..
Will the road upgrade have any positive affect at all, im starting to think how would it ever? The road upgrade from the private developers behind this concrete jungle are nothing but a farce!

I’m actually not surprised that the ice rink got through planning now, who is’nt anyway:rolleyes:

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