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@Tuborg wrote:

When was the last time you were down here? What about the Dooradoyle link road? do you think that works well? What about the debacle that was the St Nessans road improvement scheme and the bus lane that goes nowhere! Or what about the Ballysimon interchange that they are skillfully trying to sort out with traffic lights! Or even the 1km stretch from the Parkway to the Groody roundabout that is now plagued by traffic lights and countless junctions as a result of poor planning by you guessed it Limerick County Council, I cant wait until the Parkway valley sc is completed, it should be all fun and games then!:mad:

Incorrect, it is a private developer who is proposing a revamp of that junction, nothing to do with the County Council! !

Oops, sorry my bad. Well if it does go ahead, the county council should be responsible for building a proper public transport hub here automatically if this extension does go ahead as planned on top of the road upgrades.

And also it does seem like an cool plan with the new proposed layout of a street adjacent to the centre, it does seem exciting to me I must admit.

@Tuborg wrote:

Putting another junction on the Southern ring road defeats the whole purpose of the road, which is to provide traffic on a national primary route with an efficient way around Limerick city and on to other destinations. Putting in extra juctions decreases the efficiency of the road and also makes it more attractive for short trips which have a negative impact on traffic flow.

1.Well just city facing slips only for traffic to access the the shopping centre from the cityside would be sufficient. It’s an idea anyway,

It will be needed, knowing the fact the the the Roxboro exit will be discarded when the new Rossbrien cloverleaf is built. plus it would seriously relieve traffic.

2.This section of road we are talking about is running closest to the city i.e Between city centre and Dooradoyle. There is no access for traffic here, apart from the Dock road interchange. Which will be hell.

3. I want to point out that the Parkway road was funded by the NRA. The city councils land does extend to that of the parkway retail park, the parkway shopping centre and the childers road retail park agglomeration.

The city council fcuked this up not the the county council. The city council came along and decorated the roads with traffic lights.
As we speak there are putting more in now. This is comedy you know.Both authorities are a joke in a lot of aspects you have mistaken the county council on the parkway madness.

The Parkway vally complex is on the county grounds lands. my point is there both are just as much responsible for the planning mess of this city. and they both squabble over it, is just unbelievable. Your right it will so much fun when this opens onto a gridlocked road. Yay.

I agree with pretty much everything else you’ve said though.

@Tuborg wrote:

Im not sure where you got that from, theres absolutely no suggestion that Dooradoyle will be transferred into the control of the City Council. A limited boundary extension involving Coonagh and parts of Caherdavin on the northside is due to go ahead next month!

I thought it was all of it was going ahead except the sections that are in county clare. Oops sorryagain. Eventually crosses my toes that the boundary extension will follow through.

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