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Hi Dave good to hear from you.

I personally find the objection to the planned extension of the Crescent Shopping Centre, presents the best opportunity to put into the public domain the serious problems of an under achieving city, in part caused by three local authorities running it.

Limerick is a small city with a population of around 100.000 people. The planning objection to the extension (M&S) will add the needed urgency to escalate the necessity to solve the city’s overriding dilemma i.e. we need only one local authority.

Dave, I would have to differ with you in that you say the city centre has not commercially suffered to the shopping centres.

Best index to highlight this are the rental rates of retail shops in the city centre are lower than those in the suburbs. Unique only to Limerick City!

Alone the decision by M&S to place their large store at the Crescent Shopping Centre instead of locating it in the city centre speaks volumes for itself! Their token offer to open a smaller food outlet at the Opera Centre could be nothing more than a tactical move to get their larger store through the planning process.

Apart from Cruises Street, traditional shopping streets like William Street have seen only stagnation in the last twenty years or so. Grocery trade once brought thousands of people on a daily basis into the city centre, now one sees only two grocery outlets i.e. a scaled down version of Dunnes Stores on Henry Street and a rather low key Tescos in Arthur’s Quay.

You are indeed right to say that Limerick consumers have been waiting years for a M&S store to open. Therefore much more so the concerns for the city centre as such a store will act as a magnet puller.

An extension to the Crescent Centre on the Cork side, the on-going construction of the Parkway Valley Centre on the Dublin side and the on-going construction of the Coonagh Centre on the Galway side of the city could end up eating a lot of trade away from the city centre.

These centres are mainly accessed by cars. Nobody for example in Janesboro is going to hop on a bus into town first and then take a second bus to M&S at the Crescent. They will all drive there.:(

There will be serious traffic congestion on the so called Dooradoyle Link Road. This Link road runs in part through a housing estate. In fact when one leaves the N20 Dual carriageway in the direction of the Crescent Shopping Centre you could easily end up in a cul-de-sac (Cedar Downs) just after the first roundabout.

Are you speculating on a rear entrance to the Crescent Shopping Centre? It would mean crossing the raiway line twice and then linking up with the narrow Greenfields road (Old Crescent Rugby Grounds). See map

Incidentally when the Rossbrien interchange is finished, the slip road (Quality Hotel / former Krups factory) to the N7 / N20 will no longer be allowed to access it. I wonder will they link this slip road then to the Greenfields road (Old Crescent Rugby Grounds).

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