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@CologneMike wrote:

Tuborg, it’s about time that the city council (elected councillors and civil servants) put the interests of the city centre first against an extension of the Crescent Shopping Centre at this time for the common good of the entire city.

The mind-set of county councillors Butler and Wade is a laughable farce! These elected “clowns” have lived comfortably in / off the city and blatantly ignore their real mandate which is the running of the county proper! The sooner they relocate the county hall from the city to say Newcastlewest, the quicker they will refocus their attention on just running the county only. By the way a neglected west Limerick electorate will be off-loaded to north Kerry for the next general election.

In my opinion, the city boundary should be extended as far out to prevent any repeat of what happened in the last fifty years of city planning! The rezoning of farmland for future city development must rest entirely with the city planning department! Councillors Butler and Wade must decide where they want to serve i.e. city or county.

I couldnt agree more, the city boundary should indeed encompass the whole Limerick urban area. How some people refuse to believe that areas such as Raheen, Dooradoyle, Castletroy and much of Caherdavin dont naturally belong to Limerick city is beyond me. The city boundary as it stands just isnt sustainable and its little wonder that the city has developed in such a disjointed and unco-ordinated manner over the course of the last 50 years or so! Limerick city is just too small to be governed by 2 Limerick local authorities and as far as Im concerned a city boundary should expand along with the city, within reason of course.

Cllr Eddie Wade is one of the biggest dinosaurs I’ve come across in a long time, he couldnt secure a nomination for the last general election so now he’s just trying to keep himself in the news with a few regular rants! The Limerick city suburbs are a huge cash cow for Limerick County Council and they will not give them up without a fight, they are in direct competition with the City Council in a bid to secure commercial rates and I think its a well known fact that limerick County Council wont turn down any development that will guarantee them some cold hard cash! Unfortunately they couldnt care less if the city centre degenerated into a ghost town as long as they were raking it in! One city councillor put it fairly well during the week when he described the County Councils attitude to planning in the boundary area as “laissez fair at best” Thats good local government for you!:rolleyes:

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