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This is nonsense talk of not going ahead with the extension.

When it will create more jobs and bring more people to the region. I fail to see how this is bad for the city when the shopping centre has been here for the last 30 years. Limerick city centre suffered because of high rates and the over supply of retail warehouseses built all over the outskirts.

Roads are been upgraded in the plan, Extra parking will be provided.The Crencent will become a national shopping centre. Something to be proud of. Its great to see it go ahead, It has gone through major revamps since over the last few decades..

Limerick people have been crying out for years for a Marks and Spencers.
Now there is finally planning permission for one at the Crescent S.C. After all theses years of improper planning between both councils,they manage to create a fuss over this. It’s actually pathetic to think of it. The mark and spenser store is a large store alright but there is only a few extra units built adjacent to the S.C. I just cannot see this affecting the city.

The Crescent is well a established S.C in Limericks biggest suburb. It attracts shoppers from outside the Limerick region. Its also serves the citys largest suburb Dooradoyle. It has never really affected the city centre retailers, it has been here for too many years now. I think many people from outside Limerick who shop in the Crescent will also shop in the city centre also, if they have come a long distance. Its up to the limerick city council to make the city centre more attractive to retailers.

Limerick city centrewill still thrive even if a M&S is built in the Crescent its getting a
second M&S store in the city centre. It has been confirmed by M&S that they want a city centre store. So it comes to the only argument from the city council and thats the traffic problem the development may cause.

The City council have some nerve to say this, when the city council are responsible for the worst traffic blackspot in the city Parkway RO. They allowed the building of many retail parks with no new infastructure in place at all. They allowed massive retail developments off the childers road to go ahead with minimul road upgrades. Childers road is now choked. The city council have a terrible record on fixing traffic problems, in fact they made traffic flows alot worse. So trhey better leave that topic.

They are leveling the Parkway S.C soon and replacing with high density developments!, will the roads be upgraded? Will the city council ever clean there room first before they point the finger at someone else’s

on a sIde note for the city council At least the county council are radically improving the surrounding roads and upgrading the Dooradoyle road junction etc.

The sourthern ring road flys by the Crescent, and ir’s very possible that private investers could build a few slips onto the New ring road in the future. Just a thought, as another alternative for traffic using the side roads to and from theshopping centre

Its only M&S and a few retail units ffs.
The Crescent will soon be in the limerick city council agglomeration in a few months, when the current boundary proposal goes ahead BTW I’m sure they it wouldn’t be appealing for the enlargment then.

It’s amazng that the Mahon shopping centre and the Wilton S.C went ahead in Cork, with little problems you know.I just hope to god, that the city and council become one athourity and hopefully new council members are relected, to keep this city under one roof, This city is not in good hands at the moment

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