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The following article pretty much sums up the shambolic nature of local government in Limerick, what a bunch of clowns!

Border conflict

A WAR of words has erupted over Limerick City Council’s plan to scupper the expansion of the Crescent Shopping Centre, and with it Limerick’s first ever Marks & Spencer outlet.
City and county councillors have traded barbs over the move, creating a new battleground in the ongoing dispute over the extension of the city boundary.

Last week city councillors agreed to lodge an objection to the multi-million euro development, fearing it would damage their attempts to bring retail investment into the city centre. However, the decision has been heavily criticised as “nonsense” by some of their county counterparts.

Cllr Richard Butler of Limerick County Council did not mince his words: “Would they be objecting to the development if Dooradoyle was in the city? Saying that they are trying to get people back into the city centre is nonsense – it’s harder than ever to get in there with traffic and parking.

“The corporation are caught between a rock and a hard place and it’s no harm to put them there.”

The decision to try to block the project was prompted by Cllr Kieran O’Hanlon at a meeting of Limerick City Council last Thursday. He accused the County Council of exploiting the city suburbs for development levies and commercial rates. “County councillors have no commitment to the city,” he said. “They all have their snouts in the trough taking what they can in rates. It’s time we stood up and were counted.”

Cllr O’Hanlon also suggested that the county council had failed to properly develop those parts of the urban area under their control.

“They haven’t built one social house in the city suburbs; they have no regard for the betterment of the capital of the Mid-West. We need massive regeneration projects in the city now to tackle problems that they had a hand in creating.”

However, Cllr Eddie Wade hit back, attacking the City Council’s behaviour over the issue.

“I’m totally opposed to the way they do their business,” he said. “You can expect them to carry on like this, talking through the media, right up until the local elections next year. What these people should do is sit down with us face to face. And they can bring Ed Walsh with them too.”

The proposed development at the Crescent includes plans for a 110,000 square foot Marks & Spencer store, which would create 400 new jobs. However residents groups in Dooradoyle have voiced concerns about the project, claiming that transport and community infrastructure in the area is already at breaking point.

“Residents have serious problems with this development and I think that Limerick City Council should support them by officially objecting,” Cllr O’Hanlon said.

The City Council recently launched a draft strategy for the renewal of the city centre, which aims to create 19,000 new jobs and attract 45,000 more residents to the city by 2021.

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