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You went a building too far with your highlighter there CologneMike, the yellow building marks the boundary of the site.

I notice this is the 2nd attempt at a redevelopment of that area in the last couple of years. Back in 2004, permission was granted by Limerick City Council for a “transitional residential apartment building”, this was later appealed to An Bord Pleanala who subsequently overturned the decision, on the grounds that:

1. Catherine Street forms part of the 18th century extension to Limerick City known as Newtown Pery, which is an area of unique architectural character and of considerable heritage value to the city. Numbers 35 and 36 Catherine Street arelate Georgian houses of classical design, which form part of a small terrace of such, the rest of the terrace consisting of number 37 Catherine Street. It is considered that this terrace and these buildings are of architectural heritage significance sufficient to justify their retention and conservation. The proposed development would entail demolition of most of the historic fabric of thesebuildings, thereby destroying part of the architectural heritage of the city and seriously injuring the amenities of the area. Therefore, the proposed development would be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.

2. Notwithstanding that the proposed use would be generally acceptable, it is considered, having regard to the scale of the proposed development and to the pattern of development in the vicinity, including the proximity of a number of protected structures, that the proposed development would be of excessive density and would, thereby, seriously injure the amenities of property in the vicinity.

If the last proposal was considered to be of excessive density, I wonder what they’d make of 6 storeys over basement, with 60,000 sq ft of retail/office space!:eek: Ideally this development should go ahead in some shape or form (prefferably with the full retention of 35,36,37) as this part of the city centre has effectively been bypassed in terms of investment in recent years. This could be the kick start it needs!

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