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I agree that limerick has some very high quality streetscapes, especially the Georgian areas however my impression (irish person, not from Limerick) is that it lacks any quality public spaces (the streetscapes aside). I never feel like there is a central point. Aurthers quay park is vastly underused addition which feels too tucked away from O’ Connel street behind a Dunnes stores which has seen better days.
I think that a lot people from outside Limerick only know it as they used to have to pass through on the way to Clare or kerry and have the impression of a one street town. Limerick has a lot of potential and there has been enormous improvements over the past fifteen years. I hope this trend continues.
I also think that the by-pass from the Castletroy side is one of the most important projects for the city and years overdue. I presume it has opened as live abroad so have not visited in a couple of years. Has it made a big difference?
It would be good if This thread could be kept updated in the same fashion as the ‘look at the state of Cork’ thread.

I am so glad the point (and this discussion at large) has come to pass. I have for a long time wished I had the insight to bring intuition if my 16 yr old mind to the planning table when Arthurs key Shopping centre was being built. It failed for a number of reasons. 1. It was so over hyped that everyone was very excited about it, so it’s flaws were initially accepted. 2. It was conceived very obviously by someone, perhaps not from limerick, or who had never been to places like paris, rome, copenhagen etc, where the use of space in cities is the very thing that makes them not just attractive to look at, but also places that are nice to be in. Arthurs Quay should have been built, but on the waterfront, where the (junky filled) park now is. The park is a hiding place, but could so easily have swapped position with the shopping centre, making it a wide cobbled centre piece to a city that would evolve promisingly thereafter. Imagine if limerick had a square/open space as its centre: It would be sheltered from the river, and even the shopping center on the river’s edge could have had it’s awful restuarants/cafes on the river front, overlooking the marina and some of the best views in Limerick.

I think the people who failed in their capacity at this level owe the people who are proud of Limerick a debt.

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