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@Bock the Robber wrote:

Just take one look at the standard of construction there.

@CologneMike wrote:

The state of the footpath at the entrance of the building-site was littered with burst bags of plaster-gypsum was an absolute disgrace. Residents of the Watergate Flats had to walk through this slippy white muck.

Oh dear, our old friend Ger Madden seems to be in the firing line again! He does seem to have quite an interest in this area, this is his third attempt at a development in the vicinity. Althought the first got crucified in the planning office and it appears he just lost interest in the other one (the derelict shell), hopefully the city council will pursue the developer for the costs of clearing that site.

A delve into the planning archives shows that Mr Madden is somewhat of a featherhead, there are 2 incompleted applications for his latest development and a further two for the abandoned shell. 4 incompleted applications in just 2 developments is a bit on the careless side I would say!:o I presume the building has been completed by now, or has it? Anyone got any up to date images of it?

CologneMike mentioned the poor construction practices in place and the general state of the footpaths in and around the site. I note then that the developer was clearly warned in advance about this in a condition as part of the grant of permission.

Prior to the commencement of development the applicant shall submit proposals to prevent the soiling of the public road during the construction phase of the proposed development.

With his previous record, its a wonder he got planning permission at all, he’s surely lost what little credibility he had left at this stage?

Full planning report here

What I find quite annoying about this part of the city is its piecemeal development, which has led to an incoherent planning mess. Many of the buildings here such as mungret court, tara cort and the watergate flats are all relatively new, yet they are ageing terribly and the whole area exudes an air of gloom and depression. I believe the draft city develpment plan or one of the recent reports has earmarked the area as suitable for the development of an urban village, with a mix of residential, retail, commercial and cultural developments. As it stands the city council have made a real balls of the regeneration attempt, the ideal solution would be to start over again.

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