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City Hall may target ‘derelict’ city site

Limerick Leader Mike Dwane

PROPERTY developer Ger Madden has been warned Limerick City Council could acquire through compulsory purchase order a mixed scheme that has been left idle for three years.

Planner Ciaran Reeves said that while his department wasn’t looking directly at the site adjacent to Watergate Flats, it was clear the developer and former Radio Limerick boss had “walked away from the site”.

Former mayor Cllr Joe Leddin, Labour, has suggested the site could be registered as derelict. Once a site is put on that register, the Council can charge a levy of six per cent of the rate of valuation per annum in respect of a site that is deemed derelict.

Mr Reeves confirmed this was a possibility and “equally we could acquire the site through CPO”.

The planner pointed out that when the city centre strategy was unveiled in draft form last week, it was made clear that a dim view would be taken of sites that were being left idle in the heart of the city.

Ger Madden received planning permission for a mixed development of apartments, retail and a car park at the Carr Street site a number of years ago but Cllr Leddin complained that “after initial work began over three years ago on the site, no further progress has been made”.

A separate development by Mr Madden in the middle of Watergate Flats is nearing completion but Mr Reeves noted in respect of that scheme that one of the conditions for planning permission was that it be served by the car park at the unfinished Carr Street site.

“While that development has gone ahead, he has clearly walked away from the other one and it has not been completed in accordance with the permission granted,” Mr Reev
es said.

Cllr Leddin says he now wants action on the Carr Street site. “The structure is now effectively derelict and the whole site area is a total disgrace with discoloured hoardings falling down. It is not acceptable for residents of Watergate to have to endure this eyesore and the problems it is causing for their community simply because the developer has other plans,” he claimed.

The site should now either be completed immediately or demolished and cleared, Cllr Leddin said.

He feared that children from Watergate and Sean Heuston Place could get up to mischief and access the site through the substandard hoardings.

“If Health & Safety went down there, they would shut it down,” Cllr Leddin said, adding he would be bringing the matter to the attention of senior planners at the next meeting of the City Council. Ger Madden could not be contacted for a comment.

19 November 2007

He should have stuck to bottling milk. 😀 Shannon Dairies v City Manager

Below is an image from Ger Madden’s second on-going building site across the road (june 2007). I presume it is finished now?

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