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From todays IT Commercial property section..Also mentions the same rumour I heard earlier in the year that Brown Thomas was possibly to relocate to the Opera Centre and we will eventually see the back of that ugly building dominating O’Connell Street. Would be great if they do. Better image of the entrance to the Opera Centre at the corner of Ellen Street and Patrick Street which looks a lot better than the original one the Post and Leader had. Will see if I can scan doesn’t seem to be online.
Full article here

The promoters will obviously be hoping that Brown Thomas may fill one of those anchor units by moving down from its tired store on O’Connell Street.

I think everyone longs for the day when that monument to misery meets the wrecking ball, but I wont get my hopes up just yet! I wonder would Brown Thomas really consider moving into a shopping mall?, after all they like to consider themselves an exclusively high street department store, I believe all their stores are located on the principal retailing streets in each city! The O Connell Street location is unrivalled, its the building itself thats the achilles heel of the business. Even though it was only opened in 1963 and despite a good deal of investment over the last couple of years, its basically obselete at this stage. The layout is awkward and the whole operation seems to be hampered by a lack of space. I notice, Brown Thomas have recently spruced up the facades by giving them a nice coat of grey paint!:)

Theres been a lot of talk of Debenhams switching to the opera centre aswell, of course their current store could be facing demolition aswell as part of the plans for the Arthurs Quay area. Marks & spencer appear to have signed up for the parkway scheme although there are rumours that they’re planning a city centre store aswell. Whatever happens, there should be a bit of a scrap for the 2 anchor units. BTW has anyone come across any flooor plans for the opera centre?

Old Todds Department store, destroyed by fire in 1959.

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