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Redemptorist Plans Given Go-Ahead

After stating last month that the current application was unlikely to be approved, Limerick City Council have now granted permission for the development at the Redemptorist lands on the South Circular Road albeit with a condition that the number of apartments be reduced. Opposition to the plan has been fierce with the prospect of further traffic chaos in the area. I think this one looks odds on to go to An Bord Pleanala!

SCR development falls foul of city councillors

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Councillor Jim Long and South Circular Road residents have condemned a City Council decision to grant planning permission for over 200 apartments on lands owned by the Redemptorist Order.
Cllr Long claims the development, even reduced from the original 293 units, will have “lasting consequences” for residents, schools and local businesses.

“The concerns and issues of the residents were not taken fully into account. Consideration of traffic, sewage, the environment, infrastructure, safety and daily living standards were overlooked. Not to mention the possibility of 40 social units as part of Section Five, which states that the council can take 20% of any private development for this use.”

Cllr Joe Leddin was also unhappy at the permission and urged the Redemptorists to consider building a smaller number of houses instead of apartment blocks.

“My concern was that there is no access to the site from either the Dock Road or Alphonsus Street and the South Circular Road is already congested. Permission was granted for 56 houses on the same site less than four years ago and it’s never too late to go that way again,” he said.

“Even with a reduced amount, there are too many units proposed. Also apartments are not conducive to raising families whereas even 100 detached houses would create a sustainable community as well as attracting good selling prices.”

He emphasised that no-one was anti-development as long as the proposal was not “overkill”.

Cllr Long resigned from the Economic and Planning Special Policy Committee after accusing the council of “collusion” with reference to this specific development on September 17. He claimed that he was not allowed to attend a meeting with local residents and planners querying the application.

City Manager Tom Mackey refuted the claims. He said the council was following protocol by ensuring that all councillors would be available to attend such meetings and in the case that some could not, finding an alternative time.

This week, Cllr Long again questioned if the planning system favours developers over residents.

“Planning applications in over 90% of cases tend to go developers’ way. Residents’ objections and concerns are not taken as paramount with the applicant and this has led to people’s suspicions of lack of transparency,” he added.

He claimed that some residents “are now considering a possible move from their long standing homes” because of the development.

Limerick independent

File No 06480
Received Date 12/22/2006
Applicant Name Redemptorist Community & P. Elliott & Co. Ltd
Decision Date 11/10/2007

Description; The development will consist of refurbishment of the monastery building, construction of residential development and crèche and amendments to the previously permitted (Reg. Ref. P.02/353) new St. Clement’s School. The refurbishment of the existing monastery building will provide enhanced accommodation and facilities for the Redemptorist Community. It will also include the provision of 5 private apartments. It is proposed to construct a residential development of 286 units and a crèche on the lands associated with the monastery building. The total floor area of the development is 34,809 sq.m. The new build private residential development is 30,632 sq.m., the crèche is 375 sq.m., the area of monastery to be refurbished is 3,258 sq. m. and the private apartments within the monastery building is 544 sq.m. An EIS is submitted with the planning application. SEE ATTACHED SCHEDULE

Address South Circular Road, Limerick

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