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@CologneMike wrote:

What if they ran the orbit route to the rear of the schools?

That would of course require big changes to connect Cathedral place with Mallow Street. It would require a tunnel under the railway lines at Colbert Station and it would have to run through Jackman Park. This could be achieved if a trade-off with the Market’s Field took place after Bord na gCon relocated to their planned new greyhound stadium.

Before the tunnel on the Roxborough side, provision must be made for access to the new planned bus terminal. The present roundabout system could regulate the flow of traffic at the Junction of Mallow Street / Parnell Street / Railway Station / Tunnel / Carey’s Road / Hyde Road / Edward Street. The wide Hyde road is a totally under utilised route into the city centre.

Spare us any more roundabouts CologneMike, the city is cursed with far too many of them as it is! Id go with signalised junctions in as many locations as possible, with traffic on the actual orbital route getting priority! Have to agree with you on your suggestion for an alternative route though, I think long term it would prove to be a much more practical option, although whether the geniuses in Merchants Quay would have the ambition and forward thinking to implement such a plan is another story altogether!:rolleyes:

As it is Sexton Street is totally unsuitable for orbital traffic with 2 large schools and a number of residential properties! It simply isnt wide enough to safely carry that level of traffic and I bet you’ll find serious opposition when the consultation process starts! Firstly it would mean the removal of on-street parking space for residents and I cant see them being happy with that! Secondly, with the 2 schools, there will no doubt be safety concerns and theres bound to be pressure for pedestrian crossings etc, this would have a knock on effect on traffic flow! The whole reason for the tunnel and now the orbital is to get the city moving again, theres not much point in creating an orbital route if you’re not going to give it the best possible chance to work properly!

Much of this area, (Costellos yard, Bus Eireann depot) is earmarked for redevelopment so this part of the orbital route could be incorporated, that only leaves Jackman park as an obstacle!
2 years ago permission was granted:

to remove existing floodlights and replace them with eight number 16 metre high floodlights, build a covered terrace along the north western side (Bus Eireann side) of the pitch, build a new stand to replace the existing stand on the south eastern side of the pitch (Carey’s Road side) and build toilets.

Jackman Park,
Carey’s Road

There has been no sign of work starting yet and I’d question whether the LDMC have the finances to bring Jackman Park up to standard, its a complete write-off at the moment! Personally I dont think this is the right location to develop a soccer stadium, surrounded as it is with housing and Colbert Station, there has been talk of return to the Markets field but given the problems with that particular venue in recent years, its probably unlikely! It would be great if the City Council showed some initiative and got together with Limerick 37 and the LDMC to finally provide a proper soccer facility for the city! The old racecourse at Greenpark would be an ideal location seen as there are already plans for various recreational facilities there, along with the proposed new greyhound stadium!

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