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Limerick Boat Club

Things appear to be moving along quicker than I thought here, apparently an application will be submitted before the end of next month. In order for any proposed development to go ahead the boat club would have to be removed from the register of protected structures, this can only be done at a special meeting of the City Council. According to a report in the Limerick Leader during the week, this meeting to de-list the boat club could take place in the next 2 or 3 weeks! The proposal seems to have the support of the council, with a few dissenting voices! Details are a bit sketchy but the development is said to consist of a mixture of restaurants and shops and of course new accomodation for the Boat club, it would also include a footbridge to poor mans kilkee!

Would I be right in thinking that one local paper claimed earlier on in the year that a 20 storey tower was to be built on the site? maybe they got their Euros and storeys mixed up! I must say I have reservations about this proposal, I tend to agree with Cllr Kathleen Leddins opinion, would this type of development be suitable beside a historic cutstone bridge? Should be interesting to see what the plans are like!

Historic Harris haunt to be levelled

PLANS are expected to be lodged with Limerick City Council shortly for the demolition of a historic sports club building where Richard Harris is reputed to have consumed his first pint of Guinness.

Limerick Boat Club, which stands on an island near Sarsfield Bridge, is to be levelled to make way for a €20 million signature piece development.

The man behind the project, Michael Daly of Fondmount Properties, said: “It is very much in the early stages, but we’ve a good bit of work done so far. We expect to have the model done in two weeks.”

Mr Daly has been responsible for a number of significant developments in the city, including the Riverpoint tower building.

However, some members of the city council are not very enthusiastic about the proposed redevelopment of the Limerick Boat Club site.

Cllr Kathleen Leddin said: “We don’t need another modern building on a very traditional looking bridge site. We already have the Hilton Hotel and the nearby apartments.”

But Labour representative Cllr Joe Leddin has given the proposal his full backing.

“This is a win-win situation for Limerick Boat Club. There is no use for this building in its current structure. We would be better off clearing the site and putting in a more attractive structure. The new building will complement the council’s riverside strategy.”

Cllr Kevin Kiely of Fine Gael is also supporting the proposed development.

“The building is a shambles at present. It is an eyesore and was never finished properly to begin with. The new building will accommodate the rowing club and give it a state-of-the art premises.”

Richard Harris was one of the many figures who spent social evenings at the boat club.

International singing star Burl Ives drank there most nights when he lived in the Limerick area and entertained members with renditions of his big hit A Little Bit of Tear Left Me Down.

Irish Examiner September 26, 2007

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