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@CologneMike wrote:

Tuborg, the real clowns are across the river in the planning department, as they seem to be caught unprepared for this planning request with no development plan in place for Clancy Strand.

In fairness that happens to be a pretty regular occurance, we have unfortunately a very reactive rather than proactive planning department in Limerick who can never be relied on to make the right decision ! Its little wonder that the city has developed in such a haphazard manner, the lack of a co-ordinated development plan has led to a fairly severe imbalance in the level of development throughout the city!

We dont need to look too far either for yet more controversy, the whole issue of the redemptorists development fairly exploded last week as we’ve seen! A large development on that site has been on the cards for a good few years now and coupled with the general level of development in that area, a well thought out traffic management plan you’d think would be essential! However as it turns out, the plan has only just been finalised and hasnt yet been made public , I could be cynical and suggest that the only reason they’ve finally completed it is because so many residents are up in arms! What was that about the council being reactive?:rolleyes:

Major concern at traffic flow on city’s southside

by Marie Hobbins

THE urgency of producing traffic plans for Punch’s Cross and the South Circular Road has been stressed by Cllr Joe Leddin to members of City Council’s Transportation Strategic Policy Committee.

Referring to the development being carried out on the site of the former Dan Ryan’s Garage at Punch’s Cross, the councillor said he is inundated with queries from local people on the problems caused to motorists on this congested road area.

“There’s also a need for a traffic plan in view of the major development coming on stream on the Redemptorist Church site, which will impact hugely on the South Circular Road and such adjacent streets as New Street and Gerard Street”.

Cllr Pat Kennedy also stressed the need for new traffic plans for the areas referred to by his colleague.

“It had been previously agreed that a traffic plan for Punch’s would be delivered and the same is required for the South Circular Road,” he said.

Cllr Kieran O’Hanlon reminded the committee that a meeting organised to address traffic calming measures in Ward 2 has not yet taken place, and he called for some action to be taken.

An assurance was given to Cllr Leddin and Cllr Kennedy that a meeting will be held shortly to “go through plans in relation to coming up with solutions to the traffic situation at Punch’s Cross.

In relation to the Redemptorist development, Mr Dromey said the Council’s Traffic Management Department has completed a traffic report which will be issued to the local councillors for their observations.

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