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103/104 O’Connell Street, Limerick.

Hollowfield Development Ltd have been granted permission for alterations to their previously approved development on what used to be part of the Brazen head complex on O Connell Street (see CologneMike’s pic at the bottom!). Limerick City Council who initially totally rubbished the development would now appear to have performed a complete u-turn! See the response from the planning office below!


Development which will consist of modifications to the permitted development currently under construction on foot of Planning Ref. P05/188 & 30.LV.2488. Modifications will consist of infilling the floors of the internal atrium void and revisions to the rear facade including additional windows and realignment of rear building line.

Original Application

Demolition of a five storey over basement infill building and a single storey building at 104 O’Connell Street; Construction of a new five storey over basement infill building at 104 O’Connell Street providing storage in basement, retail on ground floor, and offices on the floors above; Refurbishment, modification and addition to existing four storey over basement infill building at 103 O’Connell Street including a new facade and new fifth floor, providing retail and storage in basement, retail on ground floor and offices on the floors above, all associated services and site works.

Planners responce:confused:
You are requested to revise proposals to ensure that the existing streetscapes are retained and enhanced through retention of positive attributes, the replacement of inappropriate features (e.g. pvc windows) and the possible extension, modification of the existing buildings noting that the subject site is located within an Architectural Conservation Area and that a more satisfactory development could be achieved if the neighbouring properties at 102 and 105 were included.

It is considered that the existing structures on the subject site contribute positively to the streetscapes and the Architectural Conservation Area. As such, it is considered that all efforts should be made to retain the existing streetscapes. The construction of an infill development on a mid terrace site that currently retain the Georgian buildings in an area of special architectural interest would have an adverse impact on the ACA.

In the context of a lack of a justification for demolition and a reduced scale of building it is considered that the proposed development would materially detract from the objectives of the ACA and the guidelines on architectural heritage issued by the DOEHLG

Baffling stuff indeed!

It will be definitely be interesting to see how the development turns out in reality as im sure many people would have serious doubts about the merits of this project! Of course this is only part of a major redevelopment of this city centre block, just across post office lane Sloeberry Developments will shortly be starting work on the former GPO complex!

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