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Paris Jack

@justnotbothered wrote:

I’ve nothing against progressive developments, but surely the recent flooding in England has proved for once and for the all the ultimate stupidity in building on flood plains and wetlands. These places exist for a reason.

Considering the length of time it took to build Riverpoint, 13 storeys, I think you’re being over optimistic that the developer, is actually serious about this. Chances are he really wants to build a new steam boat quay but wants to sell it as lower Manhattan.

Justnotbohered, my whole point here is that with enough money anything is possible! In fact, I have little or no idea of what developers in Ireland are planning for Limerick City (apart from some professional colleagues I know on a personal basis in Europe). I only know what’s going on through you guys on this forum!

Believe it or not, I am a conservationist at heart, so I know where you’re coming from about those wetlands. Oddly enough I happen to be on both sides of the fence when it comes to Limerick… I know you have to pick a side but it’s hard to say the least. I would just love to “see” Limerick City really open up, expand and become a truly wonderful riverside city… The potential is there…it just needs to be executed properly!

Maybe you can have your cake and eat it all at once…hmm…??? I mean, how many more great plots are there between Riverpoint and Sarsfield Bridge for building high-rise buildings? Not many huh? Same on the opposite bank, what with the Hilton and those new apartments, so I guess developers will have to start looking beyond Shannon Bridge… Behind the Clarion there is a great deal of access to build many new and exciting high-rise buildings – including a Marina! A Marina behind the Clarion would be so perfect! Lets face it, the docks are dead!!! No point in going there! Limerick City must move forward and expand, I’m absolutely convinced of it! Then again, if they cleared that entire Arthurs Quay area and that damn ugly building behind it (tax office?) then you could quite easily put lots of high-rise buildings down there, huh? Take out Dunnes Stores by Sarsfield Bridge also and bring that into the picture as well and turn that whole area into something very exciting and worthwhile!

If I was to get personally involved in a development of this size in Limerick then this is one option I would definitely look at! I’d flatten everything in that whole area and put up buildings that will put a big smile on peoples’ faces! Lots of residential and commercial space, entertainment, quality shopping etc etc! Make the city centre exciting and a place where people (and not just from Limerick either) want to come to and spend time in!:)

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