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Paris Jack

@jimg wrote:

ParisJack, you really have some neck to be criticising or questioning CologneMike. If it wasn’t for his contributions in particular (along with those of some others like Tuborg, justnotbothered and more recently GMiley), this thread would be dead long ago. If your contributions had even 10% of the value of his, they’d be welcome. For me, your contributions, while prolific, are of negative value as the thread would actually improve if all your posts were to disappear.

The lack of self-awareness is simply shocking if you think your postings are “out-spoken, no-bullshit” additions to the thread and that your saying something “that needs to be said for the sake of Limerick”. They are just randomly directed unconstructive incoherent general rants and ramblings. This combined with your inexplicable need to regularly restate pompously that you are successful at whatever it is you do makes for an unattractive package overall. I generally try to ignore everything you write and I’ve successfully resisted the temptation to respond to the more inane of your ramblings since our last exchange of views but I’m worried your contributions might actually kill off this thread particularly when you start attacking the most valuable contributor to this thread.

Ahhahahah…you really are a funny guy jimg! You should try stand-up sometime. How long did it take for you to write that pile of nonsensical monkey crap? Did you get out your mommy to help? Did you have to get your stack of dictionaries and thesaurus out? Oh man you really need to grow up and stop being such a brown-nosin’ wimp! Grow a pair and be a real man! I mean, what is all that supposed to mean? Is it actually an attempt to provoke me? To get me going somehow, or what? Oh you’d need to be up early in the morning to get one over on me! In fact, you could never get up early enough! You tell me that I ramble on, well maybe you’re right here, I do at times I suppose, but is it any effin wonder when I have to listen to absolute gargage coming from people like you who couldn’t find their own ass if they had twenty hands, let alone listen to them go on about things they have no idea about!

Pathetic attempt at trying to wind me up jimg… I almost feel sorry for you! I’ve seen more ass than a rental car son, you on the other hand are most likely some pimply-faced little know-it-all kid who has a chip on his shoulder, that’s obviously waaaay too heavy for him! On your best day you don’t even come close to my worst!

Oaky…hmm…lets talk about what this is clearly all about shall we… You are still pissed off at me for what I had said to you some time back, right? Now, if you had read my post properly, before running off at the mouth, you would have seen I wasn’t talking directly to you! But, how many times, or what language do I need to use for you to understand this? You just don’t seem to get it!? But then again, you’re one of those people who you need to explain everything a million times over, and still you don’t get it!? What the hell? Oh well…

As for ColgneMike, I never disputed Mike’s contribution to this thread – not once! Where did I say that? Yes, his contribution is the best on here, by far, and as you also conveniently “forgot” to mention in your sad little ravings I have never said any different! Mike’s contribution is awesome, no argument there, but that still doesn’t give him the right to patronize people on here just because they don’t offer/contribute as much! Where are all your contributions? Yeah, exactly! I can only speak for myself here, and if you read my posts with your eyes actually opened, you would understand that I DON’T LIVE IN LIMERICK!! So, I am not in a position to contribute very much, apart from my opinion! Of course, I am not so scared or such an ass-kisser that I can’t think or speak for myself! I haven’t been to Limerick in many many moons, so that’s your answer! I am intending on contributing much much more to this thread when I actually get over to Ireland, and I am really looking forward to it, but right now my work is keeping me very busy throughout Europe, and beyond!

It’s also rich that you accused me of rambling and what not, but listen to yourself dude! Just read your own post! Jesus, talk about the pot calling the kettle black! I believe that’s called HYPOCRISY!! Take out your stack and check it out if you don’t believe me!

Lastly, don’t you ever and I mean ever lecture me on what I can and can’t say, you understand? Try that with someone who is willing to listen to that shite, but not with me! Everybody on this thread has the equal right to express themselves without having to fear some kind of backlash! And you bud, have absolutely no right to tell anyone what they should and shouldn’t be saying! And I thought it was a free country! I can’t believe you could accuse me of having such neck, and then two seconds later you try the same thing with me? Don’t even think about it son! That shite doesn’t work with people like me!

Here’s a little tip for your future, though small, it will save you a great deal of personal agony, humiliation, embarrassment and disappointment in life: always engage your brain before you engage your mouth!!!

It’s comin’ to something when so-called grown men can’t even agree to disagree about something!

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