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@Paris Jack wrote:

People can bury their heads in the sand all they want and choose to ignore the truth! It’s their funeral in the end!

Very true Jack, ignoring negative posting could be the threads funeral in the end.

By “raising the bar” I meant of course in the interest of the thread itself.

The truth is by taking a negative attitude in expressing your opinions it just turns people off from engaging in discussing new topics any further! Look at the crap you hurled at jimg, it certainly wasn’t very positive in nature?

@Paris Jack wrote:

Originally Posted by jimg
I actually thought you were joking with your first message and thought it was hillarious.

Of course you thought it was hilarious jimg, developments like this don’t happen in Limerick, or anywhere else in Ireland for that matter. But I’ll bet anything on the fact that if this project does get the green light then you’ll be the first one running over the Shannon bridge to have a good look, right? Of course, I’ll be standing at the opposite side of the bridge with a big fucking sign in my hands: NO FUCKING WANKERS ALLOWED!!! And how funny will that be, eh? Now you know who we’re talkin’ about here, right dude?

By the way topics on Limerick scumbags, Dublin journalists, Munich women, Shit holes etc, etc. are best dealt with on the Limerick Boards. Here it’s all about Bricks and Mortar!

@Paris Jack wrote:

It seems to me you need Charles Bronson in Limerick City these days! Little anti-social know-nothing bastards who throw fuel on the fire for that scum in Dublin! And that’s what they call responsible journalism eh?

I am sick and tired of people coming up to me on the streets of Paris and Barcelona telling me what a fucking tip and quote “unfriendly shite hole” Limerick City is! I’m running out of patience trying to defend this scum! I’m NOT talking about the vast majority who are perfectly fine, I’m talking about that lowlife crud who don’t give a toss about nothing but themselves! What the hell is going on over there? They need to get their fucking act together in Limerick! And they ask why Limerick’s name is MUD!?

Just today, I had a woman from Munich tell me it was the worst experience she has ever had on vacation in Ireland. Everything was fine…until she arrived in Limerick and Dublin… She was verbally abused, robbed, treated like she had the plague in her HOTEL believe it or not, etc, etc. Don”t need to fill in the blanks for you!

Limerick City’s reputation is NOT deserved…but they do need to BADLY put their house in order!!! It’s the same story in Dublin – the biggest SHIT HOLE in western Europe!!! Nice going huh?

By constructive criticism I meant one argues his/her case as to why he/she disagrees with any given topic. Reacting for example to the “Conference Centre” by dismissing it out right by calling it “farcical” in your very first line just kills off engaging with you in a discussion on it’s merits!

@tfarmer wrote:

what?? a conference center to boost tourism. Thats just farcical. No tourists visit countries or areas because of a friggin conference center.

Hey instead of generalising be specific about what area and developments you are talking about otherwise nobody knows exactly what you are on about.

@tfarmer wrote:

The irish construction industry and these cowboy builders are ruining my local area building anywhere and everywhere they see land. I just took a walk today and some of the buildings and houses they are building are in the most awful unsuitable places which in turn is creating eyesores. But the thing is these guys don’t care as long as they are making money.

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