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Paris Jack
CologneMike wrote:
Must say the Hilton has turned out in my opinion very well as I feared the cladding to the building seemed to be dull at first when the scaffolding came down. Alas I did not take a close up when home recently. The façade change-over from the hotel to the apartment building is bit playful, haven’t seen this done in Limerick before? There are now plenty of new hotel beds around the city centre. Here a few more images for you Jack and keep sending your French mates over, ah sure there will be no fear of them.]

Thanks so much for the photos Mike, much appreciated!:) Work seems to have progressed a great deal from when I last saw this site… not sure about that terracotta cladding though…hmm…as it’s not very attractive to the eye and it is quite prone to getting very dull and dirty in a short space of time. I think I’ll have to “see” this up close and personal for myself. But I’ve gotta admit, these apartments do have a great river view and this will of course drive the sale of these units no problem! I’m only guessing, but I’ll bet these apartments have a big price tag attached!? As does the Riverpoint Phase Two building across on the opposite bank. Pity you didn’t spin round on yer heels there Mike and take a few snaps of Phase Two eh?;) What an opportunity missed:( :rolleyes: Only kidding with ya Mike!:)

My own mother is interested in an apartment in Phase 2 of Riverpoint actually, she was telling me about it the other day. She’s not 100% yet, but she’s giving it some serious thought. She’s only been to Limerick about five times in her life (my mom is Parisian born and bred) believe it or not! Hope she does though, as well as some of my other friends. I know quite a few people who are very interested in buying second and third homes in Ireland. I am selling Limerick City like you wouldn’t believe mate!:D

Ah I know there’ll be no fear of ’em Mike;) Probably get mugged!:D Hah!

Thanks again!:D

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