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Former Charlotte’s Quay Car Park (1980)

This site was once earmarked for the new city hall. I remember a proposed model in a glass display in the library during the 1970’s. If memory serves me right it was to be situated in the middle of the car park with a wide open space all around it? It never materialised but instead it was slapped up on the banks of the Shannon. When I say slapped up I mean that this relatively new building has already plaster pealing and cracks appearing on it’s façade.

In the early 1980’s this derelict area was transformed by the city’s first tax designation status. This site is bordered by Michael Street, Charlotte’s Quay, Broad Street and the rear side of the Watergate Flats. The buildings that went up on those streets then would not exactly excite anyone today. My gripe is with the rear-side to these buildings or to be more precise the whole layout of the inner core of this site. 😡

Every building built seems to have a rear surface car park, surrounded by mundane walls or security fencing. Later a pale coloured multi-storey car park bunker was planted in the centre of the site and a drab row of apartments were built along side it. The Watergate flats got a rough cosmetic makeover recently so as to extend it’s life for a few more years. A metal security fence separates the Watergate flats complex from the drab apartments on the other side.

Lost in there somewhere is a segment of the old city walls (Watergate) and an old graveyard! The whole layout inside is a planning mess. It has a hostile environment feel to it. I would suggest redesigning it by running a new street from Michaels Street to Broad Street (see second image). Replace the surface car parking with underground decks and build a new row of buildings on top of them fronting onto the new street. Build a second new street between Michael Street and Mungret Street and again build a row of new buildings to face the Watergate flats.

Aerial image (Book) The Irish Landscape in Photographs and Maps by Patrick E. F. O’Dwyer

Any thoughts?

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