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@CologneMike wrote:

Barrington’s Hospital Site

The scaffolding has just come down on the second phase of development. It seems phase I and II are not medical related? Image 1 and 2 shows the original main building with it’s charming front entrance. Phase 1 was built a few years ago with some modern classical features to it (image 3). But the building seems to be mothballed at the moment? Phase 3 (images 4 – 9) has a mixed façade of limestone cladding and a bright white finish. It is to the right of the main building and runs right back along Mary Street to the St Mary’s Prize Band hall. Their functional use are unclear to me at the moment.

@vkid wrote:

Think the two are to be combined?Would be nice to see the stonework on Barringtons Hospital cleaned. Thought that was part of the original proposal for it but maybe it will happen yet!

Barringtons used to be such a prominent building down by the Abbey river, unfortunately now it seems almost lost in a mire of new developments! Barringtons House in fairness was well designed and sits comfortably enough beside the original however the new development Im not too sure about! It looks slightly less offensive in reality than in the plans but its still disappointingly unspectacular and cheap looking!

As for its possible future use. Barringtons house was originally planned as a “Multi use building incorporating offices, public houses and restaurant” but its been empty since it was finished! Two years ago a revised application was submitted for


change of use from offices, public house and restaurant (reference: planning no. P.00/293, dated 16/01/2002) to medical centre facility, complete with new revised entrance, reception area and canteen facility

I came across this article in Business Limerick magazine last year and I presume it relates to Barringtons house

Barringtons Hospital Set To Double Capacity

A privately-owned city centre hospital is set to almost double its patient capacity after planning permission was granted for a multi-million Euro development.

Denis Cahalane, General Manager of Barrington’s Hospital, George’s Quay, said the developers, who have purchased an adjoining building, hope to have the €25m facility completed by the end of 2007.
Approximately 17,500 square feet alongside the hospital has been acquired as part of the development
and plans are well underway to complete the construction of the new health facility.

“This will allow for six new theatres and 70 beds in the hospital. At the moment, there are 40 beds in the hospital,” said Mr Cahalane.
Medical personnel at Barrington’s Hospital treated 5,000 patients last year.

“All the funds for the development have been privately raised and planning permission has been granted. Because of this development, we will nearly be doubling our bed capacity in the hospital. We hope to have the new facility completed by the latter half of 2007,” commented Mr Cahalane.

Barrington’s Hospital has operated as a private hospital for ten years. It is owned by Limerick consultant Paul O’Byrne and currently functions as a national referral hospital with the NTPF. It is the first stand-alone ambulatory day care centre in the country.

The health care facility has four fully operational theatres, an endoscopy suite and ten consultants’ suites. Mr Cahalane said the new hospital would facilitate a CT scanner, a Cath Lab, and six clean air theatres.

The new build is being marketed as a “retail, restaurant & office development, a guesthouse was included in the original application, Im not sure if this is still part of the plans!

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