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@CologneMike wrote:

Marriott Hotel – Savoy Complex

Nice pics Mike! I must say Im fairly pleased with the way the Savoy redevelopment (or City Central to give its proper title!) has turned out! The Henry Street facade in particular is pretty impressive and a break from the norm! It looks like Fordmount developments have a bit of a fetish for glass!, their other high profile development is of course Riverpoint!

Apparently the 10 retail outlets are due to be ready for fit out in September, they should provide a welcome boost to the city centre!

@vkid wrote:

I remember that being mentioned already. The developers of the Savoy site(?) expressed their interest about this time last year, in developing this into a pedestrian retail street to compliment Bedford Row, which would see the Stella Ballroom and that pub on Shannon Street demolished. They also said the owners of the properties backing onto that lane were on board. Will have to wait and see I suppose!

Indeed you’re right vkid, the article below is from October 2005! There have been no further developments since, however now that the Savoy development is nearing completion things might start moving! Im not sure of the exact dimensions of the proposed site but it would appear fairly tight for a large development!

A GROUP of Limerick investors are in the process of assembling a number of sites in the city centre with the purpose of creating a new street, similar to Cruises Street.

The Limerick Post can reveal that the investors are locked in negotiations with the owners of the Stella Ballroom in Lower Shannon Street and the proprietors of other nearby properties, with a view to providing a state-of-the-art shopping mall leading onto Bedford Row.

It is understood that plans will shortly be submitted to Limerick City Council.

The proposed development will sit alongside the Savoy project, currently under way.

One member of the consortium confirmed that talks were well advanced.

Their plan, he said, was to transform Stella Lane into a shopping precinct, which would necessitate the demolition of The Stella, a Limerick landmark building.

“Ideally, if we get the green light, we would like to attract high profile retailers maybe even Marks and Spencer Food Only, which are so popular in the United Kingdom and also in some of Ireland’s larger towns”.

The present Stella premises, which is used for bingo, almost backs onto Bedford Row.

One city-based auctioneer said he was aware of plans for the redevelopment of The Stella and other adjoining properties.

“There is still some work to be done in putting the pieces together. From what I know, the intention is to model the proposed new street along similar lines to Cruises Street, and we all know how successful that has been. With Bedford Row about to have a face change, and a new hotel on the site of the former Savoy Cinema, the opportunity is now there to complete what is a very exciting package”.

The Limerick Co-ordination Office said the proposed development of the Stella Ballroom into a pedestrianised street mall would be an added boost to the major regeneration of the city centre that is currently underway.

“It would enhance the second phase of the extensive pedestrianisation programme that is now focusing on Bedford Row and make city centre shopping a more positive experience,” Limerick city co-ordinator Andrew Mawhinney said.

But Mr Mawhinney added that it would be important to get the right balance in the retail mix.

“A quality anchor tenant would be essential and it must also be a living street that has a good combination of cafes and retail,” he said.

Cruises Street, now into its 14th year of trading, was built on the site of the former Cruises Hotel and also involved the purchase of buildings to the rear of the premises.

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