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The Refurbishment continues unabated.

Clancy Strand makeover underway
by Marie Hobbins
FOR the next eight months, the entire length of Clancy Strand, from the Treaty Stone to Sarsfield Bridge, will be undergoing a complete makeover.

In the latest phase of riverside development undertaken by Limerick City Council, Clancy Strand and O’Callaghan Strand are to be completely upgraded and enhanced to complement the turnabout of the city that is still progressing on the opposite banks.

Some months ago, the council revealed plans to transform the strands into attractive riverside routes and this week, senior engineer, Vincent Murray, confirmed that work is due to commence on Monday, June 25.

“Work will commence at the Treaty Stone and proceed on to include a new riverside park at the Curragower Falls, which will provide an attractive area for the public.

This vantage point will enhance the amenity potential of the area by maximising the dramatic riverside views of King John’s Castle, St Mary’s Cathedral, the Circuit Court, the Hunt Museum and park and Arthur’s Quay Park, as well as the spire of St John’s Cathedral, etc,” said Mr Murray, adding the park will also provide a safe access point to the river for canoeists, kayakers and fishermen.

“It is also envisaged that the new riverside park will provide an excellent vantage point from which to view the city centre and up river as well,” he said.

The Clancy Strand refurbishment will include the reconstruction (including widening) of the footpaths in high quality limestone, the installation of new, decorative lamp posts and under-grounding of overhead electric and Telecom cables, a major enhancement of the area around the Treaty Stone in high quality materials.

“We will erect tourist signage and information boards providing the history of the Treaty Stone and King John’s Castle, improved pedestrian crossing points along the strand, soft landscaping and tree planting and greatly improved bus and coach stop facilities.”

A contract for two million euro has been awarded to the civil engineering contractors, John Craddock Limited

City Council has also confirmed that when completed, refurbishment of O’Callaghan’s Strand will commence, as will repair and repainting of the Shannon Bridge railings.

Mr Murray disclosed that after some consideration it was agreed that the bridge railings will be painted green.

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