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Technically nothing to do with the Fitzgerald report, LCC has had its own demolition programme for condemned council property in operation since the beginning of the year. Still no harm to see a start being made!


BULLDOZERS moved into Delmege Park in Moyross last Thursday morning to knock a block of houses which will facilitate regeneration plans for the area, as recommended in the John Fitzgerald report. The five houses were the first to be knocked in Moyross as part of a demolition programme which has been under way across the city since January.

Limerick City Council say a total of 87 houses will have been knocked by the end of July. To date 45 houses have been demolished in O’Malley Park, Ballynanty, Carey’s Road and in Keyes Park.

“We have known this regeneration programme has been coming for some time and we are simply trying to prepare the way for it where there is a possibility of clearing blocks of houses and demolishing them,” said the director of housing with Limerick City Council, Kieran Lehane.

Mr Lehane added: “I’m heartily sickened at constantly seeing photographs and video footage in the national media of houses with bits missing off them. I know those things exist but there are also very nice parts in places such as Moyross and O’Malley Park.”

The newly appointed chief executive of the two Government-backed regeneration companies, Brendan Kenny, said: “If houses are burnt out or derelict then you are better off without them and I would welcome the moves being made, especially in anticipation of the work that will be done by the regeneration companies.”

Local residents in Moyross also welcomed the knocking of numbers 100 to 104 in Delmege Park. Pineview Garden’s Resident Tina O’Gorman said: “We are delighted, those houses were only burnt out anyway so it good to see them go.” Lorraine Troy, from Craeval Park, added: “It is great that they are gone, as long as they put something there and they don’t leave it as waste ground. We need a new park in Moyross because the one that’s there is not big enough for all the kids.”

Other residents said they welcomed the knocking of the five houses but added they had “doubts” it would have any effect.

Mr Lehane also confirmed that some of the houses included in the demolition programme had been privately owned. “If the opportunity presents itself to clear a block of houses we will facilitate people who wish to leave the estate by way of transfer. We did buy back some of the houses and we have had to enter negotiations with tenants as well,” he said.

It is understood no that development works will be carried out on the vacant sites until the regeneration companies are up and running and there has been consultation with the community.

Limerick Leader 02 June 2007

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