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You really would have to question whether the will is there to go ahead with such a massive conservation effort, where is the money going to come from?, certainly the private sector arent going to get involved to a large extent. Only lately we’ve seen the opera centre project grind to a halt because it seems the developers cudnt be bothered stumping up the cash to repair a couple of georgian buildings on the site, it looks like the new consortium dont have much of an interest either, the other week Limerick senior planner Dick Tobin basically said that the georgian buildings on the Ellen Street side should be sacrified to accomodate the development!:rolleyes: The opera centre is needed but there is no reason why the buildings cant be saved.

Limerick has a horrible record when it comes to conserving its heritage, the attitude always seems to be “ah sure theres plenty more left!” O Connell Street used to be one of the most complete georgian streets in the country, now its full of plastic boxes from the 1960s and 70s!:(

If it wasnt for the Limerick civic trust, the city would be in a lot worse shape, If right was right, they would be in charge of all conservation projects in Limerick. Earlier this year part of the rear of 1 Pery Square collapsed while a private developer was carrying out works to convert it into a new boutique hotel, work only resumed after a full investigation was carried out!

@CologneMike wrote:

Below an example of Georgian buildings disappearing over the years. They were replaced by Cahill May Roberts Pharmacists warehouse (Bank Place) probably in the 1960’s.

Its basically a case of how many examples can you think of! Below is a shot of O Connell Street from the early 1950s, a large portion of the left hand side of the street was demolished in the 1970s for the construction of the Bank of Ireland offices.

The 2nd image shows the AIB and George hotel, a georgian terrace stood on this site until the 60s when these dinosaurs were built, it kind of says it all really!

(Photo from LimerickBlogger)

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