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@Paris Jack wrote:

To say the “whole image” looks ridiculous is completely irrational. Farcical to say the least:p Where do you live bud – in a fucking cave? Ummm….you may have a point about the Clarion though, it does seem to be oddly placed…but apart from that it certainly is not a ridiculous building. It’s a top quality hotel! I’ve had many friends from all over Europe recommend a stay at the Clarion Hotel so I suggest you spend a few days there and you’ll see what I mean.

As for Riverpoint…well, that fits right in there on the waterfront just perfectly. It does have a nice footprint there for sure:) You can’t say that the Riverpoint building doesn’t have a commanding presence over that immediate area now can you? At least you should give credit to Michael Daly for at least having the bollocks, the ambition and the courage to build something like this in the first place! It’s different from everything else, it does stand out from every vantage point so for these reasons alone it does work! Perfect? No. Aspiring? Certainly. Purposeful? Who the hell knows? But these buildings do make a big statement i.e. raised the fucking bar for bigger and better buildings that will and are coming!

But what is the mark of a truly great building? That it blends into its surroundings? That it stands out from all the rest? What is it supposed to say to us? I believe the answer to this is something personal for all of us.

That pylon… well you can take that and stick it right in the middle of Grafton Street for all I care. Of course it stinks!:mad: Only a fucking MORON would put something like that right next to O’Connell st:mad:

Missed opportunities?:( The Riverpoint Complex should have been at least five to seven storeys taller:( the Hilton Hotel and apartment complex should have been at least five storeys taller:( and someone needs to put a fucking bomb:mad:under Dunnes Stores on Sarsfield Street so that that entire waterfront area can be properly developed. Another highrise complex here similar to Riverpoint would be ideal. That would kinda balance things out along the river.

Riverpoint looks very well……thats true but the Clarion….Im not sure maybe its the ‘scrap metal’;) beside it…..and yes the pylon looks very bad tbh. Should get rid of that ASAP.

P.S Whats with using bod on certain letters in posts on this thread:confused:

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