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The whole opera centre saga is quickly developing into a shambles! Of course this article is highly speculative, however if indeed a new application was submitted it would set the project back by at least a year, allowing the likes of Parkway valley and Coonagh cross to steal a march on it. At this rate the city centre will again lose out to suburban developments with the opera centre ending up with second rate retailers.:(

The quote from Dick Tobin is extremely puzzling and worrying aswell. It makes no sense and the part about the henry cecil is inaccurate, the henry cecil wasnt a georgian buiding, it was a stone warehouse! Reading between the lines here, you would have to wonder was the retention of the buildings on Ellen Street a sticking point for the previous developers? and is he suggesting that the project would be more appealing to prospective developers if this condition was removed?:mad:

Limerick Post

Opera could be rewritten, says planner

AS progress on the mammoth Opera Centre development for the city centre, remains at stalemate, there is a strong possibility that a new planning application could be submitted.

While Limerick City Council’s senior planner, Dick Tobin says that so far he has “no indication whatsoever of a new application being submitted,” he points out that it is quite possible that the new consortium that recently bought out the project from the Belfast developers, Regeneration, will not build according to the original planning permission secured.

Two weeks ago, the Limerick Post exclusively reported that local interests are confident that the 200million euro retail development will not be jeopardised by the change in ownership.

Equally confident that the new owners “have a definite interest in developing the project,” Mr Tobin said it remains to be seen whether they will do so in accordance with the original plans.

Expressing his reservations about the retention of buildings on Ellen Street (a condition of the original planning permission), he said that as these did not form part of the national inventory, An Bord Pleanala’s requirement that they be retained was a mistake.

We have had two cases of Georgian buildings collapsing when adjacent development was progressing – one was the Henry Cecil on Lower Cecil Street, and the other was in Barrington Street, where part of the structure to the rear of the building collapsed”.

While confident that a major development for the area will proceed, the city planner said it remains to be seen if it will be to an amended set of plans.

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