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@Tuborg wrote:


The proposed development would therefore be contrary to the objective of high quality design in the city centre and as such would be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.

Fairly ironic that the City Council states its objective for “high quality design” in the above case when it allows the following development to slip through.


Permission for the construction of a mixed development. The development comprises of: Demolition of a five storey over basement infill building and a single storey building at 104 O’Connell Street]

This is Robert Butlers plan for part of the former brazen head complex on O Connell Street, the business went into receivership over loans owed to a bank a couple of years ago, Bentleys and the Brazen head at 101 & 102 have since re-opened. The developer had plans for the demolition of 104 o Connell Street and modifications to 103. The planning conditions stipulated however that the building should be retained.

That the front facade of the existing building be retained in their entirety, Should it prove impossible to retain the façade by reason of the physical condition of the building, the developer shall provide an appropriate elevation in modern design with sympathetic materials and punctuation which will not adversely impact on the conservation status of the area.

The applicant has failed to justify the demolition of the buildings and to adequately demonstrate that the proposed new building will enhance the special character of the area in accordance with the provisions of the City Development Plan and the Conservation Guidelines issued by the DOEHLG.

Well it seems neither developer nor planning officials made much of an effort to implement this condition. The 2 building are now gone and are to be replaced by an almost identical structure to the one you see below!

This is what was recently constructed at 59/60 O Connell Street, not the best is it? Incidentally the same architectural office is responsible for both designs, not much imagination there then!:rolleyes:
Unfortunately there’s a really lax attitude when it comes to building design in this city, how anyone can decide that this cheap, looks like it was built in a few weeks job, enhances a architecturally sensitive part of the city is beyond me!:(


1. Bentleys & the Brazen head

2. Formerly 103/4 O Connell Street

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