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@Paris Jack wrote:

Any idea of what year this picture of Patrick Street was taken Tuborg? Real nice pic though.:)

Id imagine sometime around the mid 50s as the street is basically still intact.

@CologneMike wrote:

Work starts on €120m shopping centre in Limerick

The company is currently preparing a blueprint for the redevelopment of the centre which also has a Dunnes Stores as an anchor. Apart from a total upgrade and more retail space, Harcourt is also likely to provide a hotel and apartments on the sprawling site.Bannon Commercial, letting agent for the proposed Parkway Valley shopping centre, is expected to pitch for a department store operator to anchor the complex.

Marks & Spencer, not yet represented in Limerick, is likely to be a prime target for the 9,290sq m (100,000sq ft) main store followed by Debenhams and House of Frazer.

In fairness it was always likely that a redevelopment of the parkway site was on the cards, apartments were always going to be a major part of any plan, probably a bit of a surprise though that the shopping centre is being kept on, is there really a need for it?, especially with the new complex just a couple of hundred yards down the road. There’s basically a new city centre cropping up around the parkway area.

Personally I think it would be a bit of a disaster if Marks & Spencer were to locate outside the city centre, I don’t really see what all the fuss is about when it comes to M&S but obviously lots of people do, they are a big draw and the kind of name that the city centre needs. Surely to god given the choice, they would pitch for a city centre location, although the Parkway scheme has been marketed for the last 2 years or so now and they could have the likes of M&S on board already! Work has started on the parkway scheme but it is a large and difficult site and I couldn’t see it being completed before the opera centre barring serious delays.

I think everyone is waiting for some movement on the Dunnes Stores site on Sarsfield street, you probably wouldn’t back against them taking one of the anchor units at the opera centre which would leave them with 4 stores in the city centre alone, surely that would be unsustainable. Time for them to do the decent thing and sell up their glorified portacabin.

I wouldn’t have a clue what the square footage of the Limerick store is, in comparison to the other former Roches Stores outlets but theres no doubt, it isn’t very suitable for modern retailing with its low ceilings etc. Disappointingly the interior of the store has hardly improved at all since Debenhams took it over.

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