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Paris Jack

@CologneMike wrote:

Orbital Route 🙂

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The proposed Orbital Route around the city centre will create a mainly one-way two lane clockwise traffic system that will be divided into three sections: Northern, Central and Southern.

The Northern Section travels along: Arthurs Quay, Charlotte’s Quay, Clare Street, Saint Lelia Street, New Road and Cathedral Place.

And the Central Section travels along: Sarsfield Street, William Street, Upper William Street, Sexton Street, Roches Street, Shannon Street and Henry Street.

The Southern Section travels along Parnell Street, Mallow Street and Henry Street.

Interesting stuff that CologneMike! Tell me, is there any plans to put a footbridge between 0’Callaghan’s Strand and Harveys Quay? I think I heard something about that? Harveys Quay is directly behind Dunnes Stores on Henry Street, right? Or is that further up? Anyway, I think a footbridge across this section of the Shannon would be a really nice idea. Especially once the “luxury apartments” behind the Hilton are completed. It would also be so nice if Sarsfield Bridge was given a good clean! I was told that there is a lot of grass and all sorts growing on both sides of the bridge. Is this true? That’s a real pity. I’m a big fan of Sarsfield Bridge to be honest, it’s a beautuful bridge and deserves much better attention than this! It’s one of Limerick City’s best features for sure! I don’t think enough people in Limerick stand back and appreciate how wonderful this bridge really is. I’d love to see better lighting on the bridge and some flower baskets, etc etc. I’d really love to see lighting under the bridge, it would look so beautiful at night on the water.

Just wondering CologneMike, do you have any information on the Riverpoint phase two apartment building? Such as a completion date, how many rooms, price range, etc etc. I have several friends here in Paris who are very keen to buy second and third homes in Ireland so obviously I recommended Limerick City! 😀 Any info will be well appreciated. Cheers 🙂

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