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Paris Jack

@justnotbothered wrote:

Jack, it’s not that I lack ambition, it’s just I’d rather enjoy parks and riverwalks than highrise buildings. Now, if you want to build off the river and in an place in need of redevelopment, say, the Island field or John Street then I appluad your vision. Why pick there to build, why pick a protected wetlands when there is plenty of places which actually need re-development?

Hey justnotbothered! Listen, I’m not having a go at you personally, OK? That’s not what I’m about. I’m sure you don’t lack ambition, or wharever, I’m talking about specific people in Limerick who just screw everything up and don’t seem to give a damn about the consequences of their never-ending bullshit, you know? I get extremely frustrated and annoyed to see some of these so-called “landmark developments” going up in Limerick City! That’s a joke if I ever heard one. Haven’t you noticed that everything is a landmark development? They could build a fucking car part and it would still be a landmark development! What’s that all about? The funny thing is, the project I was/am talking about is what you’d call a landmark development. Funny, huh? And not just in Limerick either. Remember, the tallest building in western Europe is in Frankfurt, Germany and that comes in at 56 or 57 storeys I believe. The main tower, 63-storey tower proposed by my uncle and his associates tops that by 6 storeys at the very least. Not bad, huh? But that’s not why they designed this building though. This building/s was designed to put Limerick City into the big league, believe it or not.

I do understand that you would rather enjoy parks and stuff like that, I really do. To be truthful, I know very little about those wetlands, so I would appreciate any information about this site. Thanks mate. But as I’ve said, it isn’t me who made up these drawings that, I just thought that it seems like a great location for such a big development. But if those wetlands are protected then that’s another matter entirely. I’m more than sure that somehow with the right plan and with enough attention to detail then this project could be incorporated into that area without causing any real damage. These are serious people with serious connections and with serious money to spend. There are so many other issues to deal with with a development of this size, I know, but I believe it can be done. You know what, could you suggest any other sites/locations where something of this size could possibly go close to the city? It’s been a long time since I’ve even set foot in Ireland let alone Limerick, so any info will be well appreciated.

I saw pictures of the Hilton (yet another landmark:rolleyes: ) recently and yes, it fucking stinks!!! Big time!!! You could look all over Limerick and you probably won’t find a better location for a hotel or apartment building…and what have they put up there? hummmm….a concrete box with windows!!! WOW!!! I’m blown away by the ground-breaking design and the quality of the workmanship on display here. Think it will win any awards? Christ almighty, my five-year-old daughter could design better than that with her fucking crayons!!! 😡 😡 😡

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