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Paris Jack

@CologneMike wrote:

High Jack!

Don’t get me going about the 1000 and 1 idiosyncrasies of our native city. Just accept Limerick as it is with it’s warts ‘n’ all! And Jack you will never develop blood pressure before you turn fifty! If you want to talk psychology, then “Bock The Robber” is your man! He is well versed in Jung (for Architectural dreams) and Freud (for Phallic Skyscrapers).

Jack ]3 developers[/B] operating in Dubai. Well there was a French man, a German and a Dutch man charged in a Dubai court for drinking alcohol. Each were to receive 50 lashes for their crimes. The Judge was a lenient type of guy and said to the French man I will grant you one request before you get flogged. Thanks said the French man and he tied a mattress onto his back and headed off for his whipping. It was the Germans turn and again the judge granted him one request who in turn thanked the judge, tied a mattress onto his back and went for his punishment. When the judge was approached by the Dutch man, he said to him that he had a soft spot for Holland and granted him two requests. The Dutch man with a twinkle in his eye replied, then I would like 200 lashes please and tie the German onto my back beforehand! 😀

To be honest Jack most people in Limerick have blown minds these days and the city is tough enough to look after itself, you don’t have to pity it.

But seriously it would be great if you would sketch from memory the plans you saw last year and post them here. There is nothing around to be seen except talk of some Iconic brain storming event took place a few months back.

High yourself there CologneMike! What’s happenin’ over your way? You know, if I were to post these plans here for you then I just might have to immigrate to Alaska!!! I’m goddamn serious here man!!! Why? Well. simply, this is not my plan/project/development. This belongs to my uncle and his associates, as I’ve mentioned already. I’m in no position to post his plans for possible future developments. I can’t just do that, know what I mean? I have a loyalty to my uncle, and my family first and foremost. To be completely honest, I would love to post these plans here for you, but as I’ve said, they don’t belong to me. Sorry mate. And I sincerely mean that too.

My uncle has already told me, if this project gets the green light then, and only then will he allow his plans to be seen by anyone. But so many projects never materialize. This is the world of property development my friend. There are no guarantees. But I, like my uncle, believe anything is possible. 😉

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