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Paris Jack

@CologneMike wrote:


Engineer Ned Sheedy, who is fronting the Riverdeep consortium

Councillor Jim Long, who was approached by the developers for advice

Well it’s over 14 months ago, it seems nothing has yet materialized. Can you post anything yourself about this planned development?

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Well, I have to say guys, reading your posts has reminded me of a project I was kinda involved with about twelve months ago. I was working in Dubai with my uncle on several projects when he showed me these drawings of this HUGE development that he and some of his colleagues and associates were discussing putting together in Limerick City. It was obviously very serious at the time because as I remember they had lots of drawings made up and my uncle’s associates from France, Germany and Holland were very frequent visitors to our home (in Dubai) to discuss the fine details of this project. They appeared to me to be very excited about moving things along and they had talked in great lenghts about various locations in Limerick City that would be suitable for a development of this size. Here you had a french, german and dutch consortium looking for an area big enough to land a 747! I had a good look at these drawings for about twenty to twenty-five minutes and I must say I was extremely impressed. And it takes a lot to impress me folks let me tell ya! Basically, to get to the point, they spoke about those same wetlands you guys mentioned and that general area for their project. I can clearly remember that the drawings showed a 63-storey tower, a 43-storey tower and a 23-storey tower in a perfect triangle. In between these glass towers was a huge plaza with a huge revolving globe of the world in bronze. There were several water fountains and monuments also. I must say that those buildings did look so beautiful. There were also plans drawn up for a fifty thousand-seater concert/events arena as well within walking distance of the towers. I vividly remember that they refered to this project as “a city within a city”. I haven’t heard anything for ages about this from my uncle as we’re both very busy on other projects, but I will definitely have a word with him soon when he returns here to Paris sometime in July.

Personally, I think if this project ever gets the green light and the ground is literally cleared and prepared for it it would put Limerick City waaaaaay ahead of everything and anything in Ireland! It looks FUCKING AWESOME!!!!! Massive!!!!!! Truly world class!!!!!

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