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Cllrs’ warn against ‘ugly’ development
By Marie Hobbins
IT has emerged there are no significant changes to a new planning application for the construction of 49 apartments on Clancy Strand.

The controversial development, sited alongside the protected structure, Jackson’s Turret, has evoked strong objections from local residents, backed by local and national politicians on the basis that a five-storey, 49 apartment block would be out of character with the historic riverside area, would impact negatively on the local traffic management, would intrude physically into the adjacent cul de sac, Priory Park and put severe pressure on the water and sewerage infrastructure.

At a meeting of City Council, Cllr John Ryan alleged that “the Hilton Hotel design is not in keeping with the area surrounding it, “and now we have this valuable prime site on Clancy Strand – I don’t think the proposed development will add aesthetically to the area.

“There is also the issue of a strip of land whose ownership has not been established yet, and though the developer says its his, there is no proof”.

In agreement with Cllr Ryan, Cllr Kathleen Leddin said:

“Let’s admit it, we made a mess of the Hilton – it’s an ugly building and if we’re not careful, we will ruin this part of the riverfront on Clancy Strand with another ugly development”.

Mr Tobin said that the planning department has not received all the additional information it requested from the developer.

“On that basis, we can’t make a decision – the application will have to be withdrawn and resubmitted. It is now in the hands of the developer whether he wishes to comply with submitting further information.”

Asked if he could make a decision at this stage, Mr Tobin told Cllr Ryan:

“Under new regulations, we can only make one request for clarification and if this is not submitted within three months, it will have to be withdrawn. This application was submitted before the new legislation, so we are seeking clarification on the issue”.

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