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YET ANOTHER towering 20-storey glass fronted building could soon dominate the Limerick skyline

The building is proposed for the riverside site at Limerick Boat Club, who, as part of the package, will be provided with a new headquarters, at the same location. The club is also promised a yearly financial bonus.

The Limerick Post has learned that Michael Daly, who acts for the Fordmount Consortium, is behind the project. Fordmount are responsible for the Marriott Hotel and shops on Bedford Row. It was earlier revealed a footbridge across the river, from the Boat Club to Poor Man’s Kilkee, and leading into Bedford Row, was in the pipeline.

Concerns regarding the development have been expressed by Cllr Kathleen Leddin, who claims a developer has been in communication with City Council executives regarding the structure, to be built when the boat club is demolished.

The councillor, who earlier this week was told by director of services, Kieran Lehane that he was unaware of any preplanning process, called on the city planners to be sensitive to all aspects of the design plans, with particular relevance to the building’s impact on the prime quayside site.

“We must be very careful that we don’t ruin this vital part of the riverscape and also what we do with the Limerick Boat Club. Unfortunately, on the other side of the river, the Hilton Hotel complex is very disappointing, architecturally – we must ensure that whatever goes up here is vastly superior, more appropriate to its setting and more attractive to the eye”.

Cllr Leddin told the Limerick Post that although she failed to receive confirmation of preplanning discussion, she is reliably informed that the project is in train.

When contacted, Mayor Joe Leddin who is a longstanding member of Limerick Boat Club, disclosed that a leading city developer is actively engaged in driving the project forward.

“The boat club, which was built in 1870, is in a rapidly declining state of repair and professionally, we’ve been told that the best option is to demolish it and rebuild but financially, the club is in dire straits. The developer has come up with a deal on the basis that we surrender the site and he would build us a state-of-the-art boat club, slipways and the finance to buy new rowing boats. From the rents he secures from the upper floors of the building, which will be anything from 10 to 20 storeys high, he would pay us a fixed annual income, to be reviewed periodically. We would get a beautiful new club, great boat facilities and rowing on the river – as it is we’ve almost ceased to exist.”

“I can tell you there has been discussion with the officials in City Hall and the next step is to look at the drawings”.

At a meeting of Limerick City Council, John Field, head of finance, said that as the boat club site is zoned residential, a rezoning would be required to facilitate commercial development.

Mayor Leddin points out that should the developer opt to install a gym, leisure centre and other sports facilities in the new building, a rezoning would not be required.

“As part of the project, a new footbridge would link the site with Poor Man’s Kilkee. The city would retain one of the oldest boat clubs in the country and gain a new landmark building to enhance the riverside, but I share Cllr Kathleen’s concern that the project must be one that will greatly enhance rather than diminish the riverscape,” he said.

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