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Drink stains scar city streets

UGLY staining on the pivotal city centre pedestrianised streets of Bedford Row and Thomas Street, is proving a major embarrassment.

The new paving is particularly marked with ingrained stains on the highly visible corners of O’Connell Street and Bedford Row, and at both corners from O’Connell Street into Thomas Street.

The Limerick Post has observed that the staining has remained permanent and the newspaper has also received a number of complaints from concerned citizens. There is also a concern that people are drinking alcohol as they loiter on Bedford Row.

When Limerick City Council’s phased pedestrianisation programme was first rolled out, councillors were assured that the newly revamped streetscape would feature top level materials and workmanship. The paving subsequently used is French limestone.

Cllr Jim Long said he is “totally dismayed by the ugly staining”, and is of the opinion that it is caused by cola drinks and/or beer.

“I’ve seen people sitting on the benches on Bedford Row leaving half empty cola cans and beer bottles. Cola stains very badly and beer also.

“I complained to City Council and told them it is not acceptable that sections are already being disfigured with permanent staining.

I was informed that attempts to remove the stains by the street cleaning machines have not been successful“.

“First of all, the areas involved will have to be power washed before a resurfacing skin of petroleum solution is applied and topped with a non-slip glaze which will be easy to maintain.

However, the council says that it will have to purchase new machinery, specifically geared to clean and maintain the streets. I’m bemused that having spent huge money in transforming the streets, they didn’t source the maintenance needed or secure guidelines from the contractor involved on the type of machinery required”.

One city centre business person said it is imperative that the newly pedestrianised streets be “maintained to the highest standard.

“Their upkeep – their cleanliness,, appearance and overall attractiveness, are vital. As it is, it looks as if the council’s housekeeping is at fault,” she said.

The Richard Harris sculpture is shortly to be unveiled at the entrance to Bedford Row. The ceremony will be attended by local and national dignitaries and it is to be hoped efforts will be made to have the problem sorted by then.

City co-ordinator Andrew Mawhinney has conveyed the concerns of the business community to the city council and a special meeting to address the issue of maintenance and security is to be held next Tuesday.

Limerick Post 21 April 2007

Sadly the upkeep of the Bedford Row area in particular has been extremely dissapointing, apart from the staining of the pavement, the area is almost constantly strewn with rubbish and it lools like the grills surrounding the new trees havent had a good clean out since they were planted, they look like giant ashtrays. At the moment Bedford Row is more of a building site than a city street but that dosent excuse the state of the place. It reflects very badly on the City Council that they didnt make it their business to purchase the right equipment to maintain the area, whats the point in spending a couple of million euro on a fancy remodelling job if you’re not going to look after it properly. At the moment the City Councils maintenance fleet consists of a few street sweepers that give the major streets a quick going over every evening. Lets hope they get hold of some more sophisticated equipment fairly soon!:o

Below is another take on the City Central development on Bedford Row/Henry Street (taken from The LimerickBlogger)

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