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Its interesting to see the boundary extension issue being raised again, I wonder will it take John Fitzgeralds recomendations to finally get the government moving. In reality Limerick is never going to get a boundary extension through a submission to the DOE, as the government lacks the courage to make the correct decision. The local representatives are a disgrace aswell, they still cant decide which side of the fence they’re on and even if they are in favour of a much needed boundary extension, they are too afraid to come out and say it for fear of upsetting anyone!

Bear that in mind when they come knocking on your door, all smiles, telling you all they have done for Limerick over the last couple of years!:mad:

Fitzgerald Report (Boundary Extension)

Time for all residents, politicians who live in the three local authority jurisdictions of Limerick city to put a halt to this absurd way of administrating our city. The city lies geographically in the very north-eastern corner of the County of Limerick and borders the very south-eastern corner of County of Clare.

Cities in general grow naturally out from it’s core which makes it important that one coherent body plans and executes its development. Fact is that the Limerick County Council and the Clare County Council dictate how the city expands and not the City Council! The term doughnut city can be best applied to Limerick and what more blatant example of one sided cherry picking planning in that of the provision of social housing.

With the exception of a small part of Moyross, the Limerick and Clare County Councils provide zero social housing estates in the greater Limerick city area but still administer nearly half of its population. I wonder how often do these three authorities meet, daily? weekly? monthly or yearly? to conduct the affairs of the city?

With the election looming every politician should make it be known as to what goal post do they nail their colours to i.e. for or against the boundary extension? Some are even flirting with ideas of a new Castletroy town!

Or am I barking up the wrong tree, where maybe the city of Limerick is effectively run by the Department of Environment some 200 Km from Limerick and these three local authorities only rubberstamp the affairs of the city? If that is so then maybe the (Dáil Éireann) voting preferences of lets say of Donegal could have more bearings on the affairs of Limerick city than the elected (toothless) local mayor and city councillors at local government level. End of rant………:mad:

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