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@CologneMike wrote:

I also saw the former corporation flats were been replaced with modern ones when visiting relatives up in Rathbane last year. This type of dwelling was somewhat cramped in size to say the least. They have also been recently demolished in Ballynanty, a row of them in upper Hyde road are also now gone? The ones you mentioned demolished on Carey&#8217]former Guinness railway store[/B]? The two rows facing the people’s park (i.e. on the Hyde road between the Railway station and the corner of Carey’s road, plus the second row on the Carey’s road between the corner of Hyde road and the corner of Edward street) will sooner or later attract the attention of developers? Are they now privately owned or are still the property of the city council? The Limerick 37 football club in Jackman park are also very hemmed in on all sides, wonder could the city council be proactive with extending the Jackman park onto the Hyde road?

Image of Ballynanty flats / shops: courtesy of Billy the Squid

The ones i mentioned are indeed beside the former Guinness railway store. And from what i understand the ones between the corner of Edward Street and the corner of Careys Road are all owned by the corporation.

As of today March 26th 2007 these are no longer.

Courtesy of Limerick.Com

At least four of the flats on Lower Lord Edward Street are owned with the majority being used as busnisses so i cannot see the corporation doing anything with them (please advise if you know of any other plans)

The pub on the left is owned as is the take away, the other pub on the end of the street and one of the flats in between.

Picture courtesy of JohnsRUs

Regarding the flats running from the railway station along lower hyde road i am not sure what is in store for them.

Regarding Jackman Park i see that in 2005 LDMC had and application finalised to remove existing floodlights and replace them with eight number 16 metre high floodlights, build a covered terrace along the north western side (Bus Eireann side) of the pitch, build a new stand to replace the existing stand on the south eastern side of the pitch (Carey’s Road side) and build toilets.

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